Who Is Jesus?

We are constantly changing how we see life. Always changing because the world changes. We refocus on this subject and that subject. Social Media didn’t even exist when many of us that use it were born, yet now it’s a vital part of our life. Fuel mileage, paint and style have such an influence now on what car we buy. Clothes style change. Housing and so on.

Jesus has even been “in style” a couple of times. But He hasn’t changed. His love hasn’t changed. The Word of God hasn’t changed. God, the Creator, hasn’t changed. From the Beginning, He is and will always be the same. And, He epitomizes love. In fact, John told us that “He is Love” (1 John 4:8)

So, we can spend this entire page and all your time explaining Who Jesus is. How He was born of a virgin. How He is the direct lineage of Adam and King David. How He healed untold thousands of people. How He died on a cross innocent of all wrong doing. How He was in the grave for 3 days and was resurrected. And so on. It’s not that those things are unimportant, but there’s a purpose for this page and preaching at you is not it. Who knows, you might want to know those things. That’s why they all have links to them.

Here’s the point. This blog/website is all about love. It is the foundation of it. But there is no love apart from a loving God. And no one has ever shown greater love than the One Who gave up His only Son, His only Child, for a creation that needs Him. That’s us!

The world always has an agenda. There are always reasons that people do what they do. Those reasons may range from money to genuine care. But with God, it is always love and a desire to see the best for us. And that love begins with making a way for us.

So, here’s how it happened:

Jesus was born and grew into a man like any other Jewish male. But He wan’t any other Jewish male. He was the Christ. He healed, He led, He taught. Then one day those who were jealous of Him came and took Him to be judged. And people swore against Him. The they took Him and beat Him. Really bad. Barely clinging to life, He carried His own cross up a hill and they hung Him on it. They murdered Him. (Begin the story of Jesus here)

Jesus was allowed to die for a specific purpose. It all sounds horrible and so far from our “civilized” world today. But what happened to Him had “spiritual” purposes. A blood sacrifice had to be done to cover the sins of man. But Jesus died that one time to cover them for all time. For us. For you.

If you decide you are ready to make a genuine commitment to Jesus, He is willing if you are. It’s not some special formula, it’s just a conversation. Something like this:

“Jesus, thank you for giving all that you gave for me.
Please forgive me of my sins and come into my life.
I give myself over to you. Please take control.
Thank you Jesus for saving me!”

If you prayed that with a sincere heart, He has come and made you clean and beautiful in His sight! So, now what? Well, here’s a couple of pointers…

Read the Bible as much as you can (if you do not have one, click here for an online version. And there are dozens of free apps).
Pray and talk to Jesus constantly. Even if you don’t understand everything, He hears you!
Find a church that believes in the Bible and teaches the love and mercies of God.
Spend as much time as you can with Christians.

Don’t worry about your imperfections. Jesus was the only perfect one.
Don’t let people’s foolish judgments deter you from knowing God.
Don’t forget…NEVER, NEVER, NEVER forget, Jesus loves you!!!


If you want to talk, feel free to contact us!