What I Believe

Through the course of meeting and reading others in our walk with Christ, some things may differ in our understanding of what God is and is all about. It is important that we are cautious about following or believing what others are teaching.

Paul the Apostle pointed out the Bereans who, regardless of what they were taught, searched the scriptures to verify what he said to them. (Acts 17:11) It is vital that we are all Bereans. In the same light, I wish that you never assume everything I say is true without consulting the Word of God yourself. There are many Bible resources on the web, but BibleGateway is what I sue the most. Use it of feel free to use another. And, there is always apps for our phones and other devices. Of course, there is the beautiful book format as well. Genuine paper versions.

This list of my beliefs is by no mean complete and will be added to over time. Please feel free to send me a comment on whether or not you agree or feel I am in error in some fashion. I am not a scholar, just a lover of God and all that entails. These are not necessarily in any particular order as they do not countermand one another or supersede another.

I Believe…

  1. There is One God, One Son, and One Spirit. These are the Trinity. That which is separate, yet One.
  2. The Holy Bible is the written Word of God. Penned by man, wholly and fully inspired by God Himself.
  3. Mankind and his environment, the Universe completely, was the creation of God.
  4. Jesus was the Human form of God. He is the Son of God, the Savior of the World, and God Himself. He was present at Creation, He is there among the Old Testament Books and was in Human form in the New Testament times. He is the payment for our sins. He did Die on the cross. He was risen from the dead. He does remain at the right hand of God, interceding daily for us who love Him.
  5. The Church is the Body of Christ in Spirit here on the Earth. It is not a building or a gathering place, but is in fact those who stand united and have chosen to follow Christ. Having accepted Him as their Savior, Guide, Brother, Bridegroom, God, Healer, and whatever names and positions that scripture deems.
  6. Jesus, by proof of His own sacrifice, commands that we love God first and above all, then all mankind thereafter. That,as Jesus said, these two are the greatest commandments ever issued. That the entire Word of God hangs on these. All that has been done and said, righteous or otherwise, is of no use beyond these two commandments.