SYITL Chapter 1-1

Chapter 1-1
Strengthen Yourself In The Lord

A study in how to release the hidden power of God in our lives.
Based on the book by Bill Johnson

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Chapter One
The Secret To David’s Promotion
“If you want to kill giants, follow a giant killer!”

There are many Old Testament people we love and adore. For a variety of reasons. King David stands out. But not just because he did great things, but because he had a “heart for God.”

Before Israel lived in the glow of all the military victories. Before David brought in a new kind of worship. Before the great economic and spiritual prosperity, he was hungry for God. A man already after God’s heart (Acts 13:22).

So what was it about King David that set him apart from others?

  1. David’s relationship with God through worship and prayer was on fire before anyone ever took notice of him. Before he walked the halls of the palace, he was hungry for God. He was already satisfied just reaching out to God long before he ever slew the giant.
  2. David had learned to have a relationship with God in a way that was different than the current way the rest of Israel did. He had sought to have a personal relationship and it was proven in the killing of the lion and the bear. He trusted God to take care of him because of this relationship.

The Path of the True King

Jesus was born King. His path was very treacherous and ultimately cost Him his life. In similar fashion, David was anointed King and still faced a very long and arduous journey to the palace. In fact, it was between 10 and 13 years before he was to sit on the throne after Samuel anointed him. During those years, life was rough for him.

Contrary to David, Saul, the first king of Israel, did not endure the training that David di and so he was never the king that David was. Though he was the best man for the job at the time, he was always a temporary fix to the demands of a stubborn people. Saul was prepared to reign while he was reigning. David was prepared among the people and life that he would reign over.

We are often called to do something great long before we do it. Being called to the office of prophet does not make you a prophet. It is the same in all walks of life. For instance, a young man may desire to become an Army Ranger. His desire is not enough.

The Ranger first qualifies by age. Then he becomes a recruit and Basic Training begins. He is with every other regular person training to become something more than just an American Citizen. He must, however, begin to excel among his peers. His numbers must be above average. When they are, he notifies his drill sergeant that he desires to be among the Rangers. If he qualifies, they will put in the request. He may take other schools first. Lots of other schools. He graduates from Basic. He attends his Advanced Individual Training and becomes whatever he signed up to be. Most Rangers thrive on the soldering part and usually become “grunts.” Infantry.

He continues to excel and become a solid individual solder. Eventually, his rank will match what is necessary to go to Ranger school. His number comes up and to school he goes. He joins hundreds to begin the hardest thing he will ever do. Hundreds that will dwindle to a few. Maybe 8 to 10. If he is in that number, he will wear the badge of the Air Born Ranger, the toughest, most qualified soldier on the battlefield.

If he is tall and handsome and smart, he will look good in the uniform. But when it comes to the battle, he will die. Saul had only a select part of the qualifications to be king. His lack of training set him up to fail. David, on the other hand, spent years preparing for the throne room. To answer his call.

The first lesson we get here is just that. Your call may be for the twilight years of your life and you will spend all the intervening years in training. Training is good. Never forget what you are training for.