Strengthen Yourself In The Lord

Welcome to our first Book Study!

AKA, “How to Release the Hidden Power of God in Your Life”

The author, Bill Johnson, has worked in ministry for a very long time. He is a fourth generation pastor from his mother’s side and a fifth generation pastor from his father’s side.

He has pastored at Mountain Chapel in Weaverville, California beginning in 1978 and, after 17 years there, began as senior pastor at Bethel Church in Redding California where his father had pastored since Bill was a teenager.

His church has seen a rather unprecedented revival in the time he has been there. And, there has been dozens of books that have come from this non stop move. Over a hundred. Including a very large selection from Bill. Also, a mass of incredible worship albums.

Bethel has also seen an enormous amount of miracles down through the years. Hundreds that were doctor verified. Including cancer healing. This is what Bill says concerning miraculous healings:

“Many visit Redding weekly, hoping that God will touch them. I am happy to report that many leave well and whole. But many others leave in the same condition in which they came. I refuse to blame God for this, as though He has a purpose in their disease. While Jesus did not heal everyone alive in His time, He did heal everyone who came to Him. His is the only standard worth following.”

The book we are going to explore is available here (note there are various prices on this page, make sure you are looking at the book alone). I suggest you buy it or find it used on Amazon. I will not be using too many direct quotes for integrity’s sake. It’s important that we honor the author God has used. Nonetheless, we will be following it directly.

If you would like to hear/watch some of Bill’s teaching and speaking, click here to go to the YouTube link he has set up.

There’s a lot to be said in this book, so it is unlikely that we will go chapter by chapter. Each lesson will cover what I feel God has for us at that moment and then I will add the next “lesson” but it may be 2 or more lessons for each chapter.

Now, let’s get to it.

Chapter 1-1