Hutch is a beautiful story of how a man, betrayed by a friend, finds himself in the wilderness of Alaska, stranded with no help and his journey back to the only Person who 83a9c1811f95e2462760f931b511bdaa--bear-silhouette-tattoo-bear-vectorcan help him; God.

Los Angeles Police Detective Malcolm Hutch is ordered to take time off. He decides to pay a surprise visit to an old friend in Alaska. Unbeknownst to him, he stumbles upon something criminal and it causes him to be left stranded a hundred miles from civilization in wolf and bear infested mountains. Presumed dead, he is left with almost nothing to survive on. Except his wits and a God Who loves him and will go to great lengths to prove it to him.

Hutch is still in the initial writing process. It will be around 300 pages in length and should be ready to purchase in March or April of 2018.