The Kingdom of God I

The written word has many, many uses. On this blog, we mostly focus on the Love of God. That particular subject comes in many forms. One of them being teaching. Now I do not propose to be any kind of great teacher, and, usually, if I am teaching anything it is because God is teaching me something and I am simply passing it along. That, ultimately, is what the Crazy Amazing Love Books are based upon. It is also one of the reasons I do not charge for the books. Which, incidentally, the first manuscript for 31 Pieces of Joy is almost completed.

One of the great subjects of Christianity is the “Kingdom of God.” I felt led to explore this subject and realized it would likely take a number of blogs to do so. This is not he beginning of a book, so the coverage will be kind of brief. At least that is the plan for now.

The first place in scripture (NKJV) where we find the exact phrase “Kingdom of God” is in Matthew 6:33:

“But seek the Kingdom of God first and all these things will be added to you.”

The New Testament is the only Testament it is used as such. There are Old Testament references that we will likely get to eventually.

The concept of a “kingdom”, however, did not show up suddenly. In the Old Testament (OT), a kingdom was a very prevalent thing. Very common. It was not too much different than what we see as a kingdom now. Of course, the Children of Israel had one themselves. The people told the Judge/Prophet Samuel they wanted to be like other countries and have a king. So, God granted their request by placing Saul as their first king. Something they eventually regretted.

But we are trying to focus here on what the Kingdom of God is. A kingdom consists of many people in leadership. The proverbial buck stopping at the throne. The Kingdom of God is no different. God/Jesus sits upon the Throne and many layers of authority fall out from there. Yes, we are all the same in God’s eyes. But He does indeed place people in authority over us within the Kingdom. And we are foolish to assume otherwise.

As we go into this vast subject, we will explore a lot of areas. We’ll discuss how the Kingdom is, and has been around for a long time. How that it was declared to exist during the time of Christ and how it is even more so here now, and how we are and are not, a part of it.

The Kingdom has principles, methods, ways, mentalities, and structures. Kingdom members think differently. The King reigns supreme. Yet, He personally knows all of His subjects. Of course, that’s not what He calls us!

While we will explore many of the parallels to a physical kingdom, we will also gain understanding of the parts of God’s Kingdom that is not like the kingdoms here on Earth.

Okay? No guarantees on when these lesson/blogs will post. But this will be fun and enlightening!


Does A Celebrity Have To Be Different If They Are Saved?

If your profession demands hard rock and insanity on stage that clearly does not reflect Jesus, how do you move on.

What is still one of the most common responses when it comes to morality in America is a quote that simply is trite because it has been thrown around for so long. Usually with the wrong use. “Judge not or you will be judged.” (Matthew 7:1) Which has turned into, “Only God can judge me.” Or the latest, “Don’t judge me.” Meaning, “I can do whatever I want. I am only responsible to God for what I do.” Which, funny as it seems, is far worse than me judging you. God is perfect in all His ways, I am not. He will judge accordingly. And, as John Branyan put it, “You should be scared if you are waiting for God to judge you.”

Regardless, the Bible’s statement about judgement does not end there. But the question is how should a celebrity act when they become Christians? How do they proceed with their work? What if their work generally contains some not so “Christian values?” Does that mean they stop acting? How about if they are rock and roll or country singers? Do they stop performing secular music? There is a lot of “ifs” in the equation. And do Christians have the right to judge them to begin with?

If your profession demands hard rock and insanity on stage that clearly does not reflect Jesus, how do you move on. What if you are under contract? What if the lines for your character expect some rather foul words? Maybe a scene involves having sex with another actor or actress? Or even just a kiss with someone you are not married to?

Hollywood demands a great deal from those who are aiming to become a success there. Much of which is simply not moral. How do you portray a hero that kills a bunch of people? The list goes on and on. And we pray that God changes Hollywood as a whole. Just so long as they make those movies we love.

Should a movies star be changed upon getting saved? Of course. But then we are all supposed to be changed. If something in us is not changed, maybe we are just doing lip service. But that’s not the point.

When a person becomes a Christian, they are giving control of their life to God. But, we know that can be a slow process as we come to understand Him better. Becoming a Christian in Hollywood can destroy your life.I mean, think about it. The entire existence of that town is to promote quite literally whatever you want. It is the closest thing we have to a real “Fantasy Land.” A place dedicated to satisfying the flesh through the visual.

Yes, a celebrity who is a Christian should be changed. Yes they should become moralistic in the choices they make. Yes, their lives should become a reflection of Jesus. And, yes the Bible specifically says I have the right as a Christian to judge whether or not a person is saved by their actions. In fact, it’s in the same chapter of Matthew that says judge not. Just 15 verses down. It is in the same section as the “sheep in wolves clothing” area. Which brings in a whole new subject that we are not going into. Essentially, though, not all sheep in wolves fashion are ministers or members of the church.

But the key here is not saying as Christian I do not have a right to judge, because I do, I just don;t have a right to condemn. Sentencing is not in my list of things I am qualified for. But if I do not judge, I can open a million doors over time to create a plethora of problems. I will close with an example of what I mean and why it is imperative that we learn to judge. And to do so with great care.

Did you realize that every time someone asks your advice they are asking you to judge them? Judgement is not the same as condemnation. When Jesus said not to judge another person, He meant not to condemn them. If you do not properly judge people, you will have strife, drama, and a whole list of other issues negatively affecting you and the ones you love. Judgement is good, Condemnation… Not so good!

We will speak more on this. But know for certain, God loves mankind so much that He gave up His only Son for our salvation. Judgement can come from a true, loving heart. It is good for us sometimes. Especially if it points us to Jesus.




Getting Rocked!

We naturally love to solve mysteries. It’s in our DNA. It’s the hunt to know more. To understand better. To not only get the reward that may come, but to be the one who discovers the truth.

There’s a new trend that is taking the country by storm. And it rocks!

Okay, cheesy lines aside, this is for real. And it’s amazing!

Across several communities this has become a wonderful family event. Like hunting Easter eggs, only better. The adults get to be involved and just enjoy searching these out. This is how it works:

You find a nice, generally small (2-6 inches across) rock with a fairly smooth surface, scrub it clean, dry it off, paint it however you want (clean, kids are involved), and once it’s good and dry, use a clear paint/sealer on it. Then, when ready, take it out into your community and hide it somewhere. Usually there is a somewhat local Facebook page upon which to announce the hide. Or say nothing and hopefully it will be found. The basic mantra is, “Take one, leave one.” (T1L1) Or, “Find it, keep it. Or re-hide it.”rocks

These are hidden and found in such a variety of places. Wal-mart, any local parks, Even doctor offices. Wherever people go. Usually, the basic instructions can be found on the back with a Facebook page. People do a variety of things in response. They often will take a picture on their phone of it in the place they found it, then post the picture on the Facebook page. Some that I have posted I got a response from the person who hid it. Then go out and find a place to re-hide it. It should be hidden well or in fairly plain sight. Then you can take another pic and post it in it’s new hiding place. Or not at all.

When this began for us, I first thought of the passage that King Solomon wrote in Proverbs:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter
And the glory of a king to search a matter out.” (25:2)

We naturally love to solve mysteries. It’s in our DNA. It’s the hunt to know more. To understand better. To not only get the reward that may come, but to be the one who discovers the truth. The mystery solver.

Go out and find those rocks! Search for a local Facebook page that promotes it. If there isn’t one, start one. Get it going. You and your family will love it. And, in the mean time, without them even realizing it, your family will find a common thing and enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors. Who knows, you might foster something in your child that will turn them into some “Indiana Jones” kind of archaeologist!



God is always leading us to new things and new heights. And, most of the time, it takes some pruning to get there. If, we want more.


In our morning walks, we often head towards a specific part of the neighborhood because of the amazing flowers and beautiful yards. One special place around the corner has a wonderful display of roses. These people really know what they are doing. It has been a great year for their garden.

Rosa cherry parfaitAs we approached the block, I began to see (in horror almost) that the variety of colors we have always associated with this particular yard were not there. We searched the whole set of plants to find a scant two white buds beginning to open and a few more buds still fully green. The rest of the roses had been pruned back.

Disappointed, but trusting the neighbor to do what is right (they clearly knew roses), we walked on. I began to think about the pruning process.

As a kid, I often spent time at my grandpa’s house. He was a master pruner. He would take on whole orchards by himself. I didn’t understand it very well, but the one thing I got from it was that the tree would produce more, bigger, healthier fruit next year. The roses, of course, do the same thing.

This year, the roses in this yard were spectacular! Award winning even. Why prune them? Then I realized that we are that rose bush. Or the fruit tree.

On our own, we “peak.” We achieve and then it’s all down hill. As you know, I have just finished writing a book. Something I have wanted to do most of my life. It is written from all the years of knowledge gaining and experience. Okay, mostly from the Love God has shown me. But He used me to do it. Is that it? Am I done now?

God brings us to yesterday. But He has more for us today. The pruning process happens on the oldest plants as much as the younger ones. If you want something beautiful and amazing. God is always leading us to new things and new heights. And, most of the time, it takes some pruning to get there. If, we want more.

Maybe that pruning is a difficult experience. Maybe it is a situation you are in that is ongoing. Maybe it is the most amazing thing you have ever had the privilege to pass through. Maybe it’s just a walk in the neighborhood.

Whatever it is, do not despise the pruning that God is doing in your life. It is with great purpose. And, yes, it could be a literal pruning. He often removes things and people to get you further into your destiny. It has happened to me more than once!

God’s Love knows no bounds. But like the love we show to a rose bush, it requires a little snip here and there to make it really shine. He wants us to shine! He wants His kids to be something spectacular! Imagine that?



Does God Speak To You?

Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

Many Christians struggle with “hearing from God.” Under very rare circumstances will anyone hear from Him audibly. It really didn’t happen that often in the Old and New Testaments. And, yes, technically we are still in the time of the New Testament. Nevertheless, hearing from God in an outward voice is very rare. Why? Well, I could probably explore that and give you an answer. Or many answers, but that is not where I am going today. Maybe I will look into that specifically some time.

One of my favor scriptures is Proverbs 22:2

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter
But, it is the glory of a king to search out a matter.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe that is why we don’t hear directly from  God. He needs us to engage Him. Maybe it’s that whole relationship thing.

Either way, I believe God speaks to us all the time. It’s up to us to participate in it. To see it and understand that He is trying to talk to us.

If we watch the world around us and pay attention to the little things as well as the big things, we can see Him. We can hear Him talking to us. If you want to get more, stop thinking like the world. True coincidences only come in twos. Threes are subjects we should pay attention to. They almost never happen.

Okay, maybe they do, but I have learned that when I see things that happen frequently and close together, I often discover God is talking to me. I realize there is a common thread running through things in my life and I stop, taking the time to see if God is trying to teach me something. More often than not, He is.

For those who might not know, I write a lot of songs. They are probably nothing you will see on somebody’s album or being led in worship, but who knows? I write for two reasons: 1, I am usually overwhelmed with a reason. And, 2, it’s a magnificent way to worship God personally. Many of these songs come from personal experiences. But the ones that have the greatest impact on me are the ones that God puts in place.

Sometimes I am just driving along and I start to talk to Him. Just conversation. And praise begins. Maybe a song from the radio. Maybe just words about how faithful He has been. From there, it spirals into something wonderful. Most of these songs are just His and mine. They never get written down. It’s a moment in time where I have been given words to worship God from the Holy Spirit. And despite my limited ability to sing, He loves it.

The path to a decent song is always led by the Lord. I follow it down and around. Up and over. Some have come start to finish in just hours. Some I have been working on for years. Regardless of the process, the one thing they all have in common is that He leads and speaks. He gives me ways to worship Him. He shows me.

As a song or a blog subject weaves itself into my heart, I feel the ongoing drive. I cannot resist what He is talking to me about. A subject that He wants me to write about can become the daily norm. I am going to do something I have never done here.

When he is working with me on a particular topic that I am to write about, He will put that in my path. It has happened quite a few times in my life. Where coincidence comes and goes and I am still running into the subject. In this case, the word “hope.” It has inundated me of late. Way too much to be a simple part of my life.

Yes, I have an irresistible hope in Christ, so it is a common thought in my head. But, this has been far too often to be something that just happens in passing.

First the word came to me consistently for days. A stray thought is no longer stray when it clearly continues returning. So, I began to develop words and concepts of a song. That kept going. It is still going. Then Pastor spoke about hope. A daily verse about it. Several more references. Then, I wake this morning to a vague recollection of a dream that had an old friend in it whose name is Hope. I cannot recall anything about the dream, just her name. Obviously, the topic of “hope” is something God is putting into my heart. Why? Well, I know without a doubt that will become evident.

So, has this happened to you? If it has, you have been at the receiving end of something from God. Of course, it may not have happened this way to you, but God has a great imagination when it comes to communication. And I have learned that He can use anything He wants. A movie (non christian), music (also no christian), road signs, random statements from strangers, dreams, Tweets, Facebook, the devil…Yep. Haha! He uses scripture and godly people all the time, but we need to remember He doesn’t have to.

So…Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in us by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.



‘Sup-er Bowl!

And, everyone who plays this game is automatically inducted into the Hall of Fame! Don’t give up!

And, everyone who plays this game is automatically inducted into the Hall of Fame! Don’t give up!

So, much of the country was glued to the set last week, watching a phenomenal game play ot-main-adout. I think the Patriots were favored, but I also think most of us were rooting for Atlanta. Americans love the Underdog. And, amazingly enough, they were in complete control. At least, until Half Time.

I don’t know what Coach Belicheck or Quarterback Tom Brady said to their fellow team mates at half time. Not sure what they did different. But the team I was rooting for got schooled in the second half. So much happened in that game, it’s positively amazing. It was the first Supper Bowl to ever go into overtime. And the Patriots broke the Super Bowl come-back record that was a 10 point difference and is now 25. This was not the team I was rooting for, but as I said on Facebook, “I concede, Brady is the best.” He is also the first Quarterback to win 5 Super Bowls. Congrats for certain.

I am often amazed by the feats of the human race. How an individual or a group will go thecbd-main-ad-2 extra mile. Not give in. Not listen to the nay-sayers. The Christian “plight” is kind of like that. It’s easy to count us out. It’s easy to expect us to fold under the pressure of those in power or the ones with the biggest mouth, but God doesn’t work like that. He’s there to pick us up and keep us going in the worst circumstances.

I think God is patient with America (and the rest of the world) because that is His nature. According to John, God is love. It is Who He is. It’s not that He is not aware, it’s that He doesn’t want any lost (2 Peter 3:9). It’s not His plan for us to go anywhere except Heaven. It never was! So He is patient with those who oppose Him and His people. We don’t wipe out the enemy, we withstand him. Even the Arch Angel Michael told the devil, “The Lord rebuke you!” (Jude 1:9)

I might have got a bit off track there. But it’s important for us to know that we have a mainlogo“hidden” strength in the Lord and that He is there for us when we have no idea where to turn or where to go. When we are down for the count and the end looks bleak. We have an advocate with the Father. We have a secret source of strength and power to come from behind and stun the world with abilities that are supernatural.

It’s a little hard to pull all of this together, but here is what I am trying to say: The work is not done. It may be the first half at the moment and we are being demolished, but the race is not run yet. I understand the hard seasons. I have lived a few. But God hasn’t forgot us and the game isn’t over.

And, everyone who plays this game is automatically inducted into the Hall of Fame! Don’t give up!




Who Is Jesus?

The world always has an agenda. But with God, it is always love and a desire to see the best for us. And that love begins with making a way for us.

The world always has an agenda. But with God, it is always love and a desire to see the best for us. And that love begins with making a way for us.

Sometimes we get so busy “doing Christian” we forget that our main goal is to reach the world with the Gospel, the Good News. The following is a static page on my site. And I use it to link to at the bottom of some of my pages. Feel free to use it how you see fit. Or, if you don’t know the Lord, maybe it will benefit you in other ways.

We are constantly changing how we see life. Always changing because the world changes.cbd-main-ad-2 We refocus on this subject and that subject. Social Media didn’t even exist when many of us that use it were born, yet now it’s a vital part of our life. Fuel mileage, paint and style have such an influence now on what car we buy. Clothes style change. Housing and so on.

Jesus has even been “in style” a couple of times. But He hasn’t changed. His love hasn’t changed. The Word of God hasn’t changed. God, the Creator, hasn’t changed. From the Beginning, He is and will always be the same. And, He epitomizes love. In fact, John told us that “He is Love” (1 John 4:8)

So, we can spend this entire page and all your time explaining Who Jesus is. How He was born of a virgin. How He is the direct lineage of Adam and King David. How He healed untold thousands of people. How He died on a cross innocent of all wrong doing. How He was in the grave for 3 days and was resurrected. And so on. It’s not that those things are unimportant, but there’s a purpose for this page and preaching at you is not it. Who ot-main-adknows, you might want to know those things. That’s why they all have links to them.

Here’s the point. This blog/website is all about love. It is the foundation of it. But there is no love apart from a loving God. And no one has ever shown greater love than the One Who gave up His only Son, His only Child, for a creation that needs Him. That’s us!

The world always has an agenda. There are always reasons that people do what they do. Those reasons may range from money to genuine care. But with God, it is always love and a desire to see the best for us. And that love begins with making a way for us.

So, here’s how it happened:

Jesus was born and grew into a man like any other Jewish male. But He wan’t any other Jewish male. He was the Christ. He healed, He led, He taught. Then one day those who were jealous of Him came and took Him to be judged. And people swore against Him. The they took Him and beat Him. Really bad. Barely clinging to life, He carried His own cross up a hill and they hung Him on it. They murdered Him. (Begin the story of Jesus here)


Jesus was allowed to die for a specific purpose. It all sounds horrible and so far from our “civilized” world today. But what happened to Him had “spiritual” purposes. A blood sacrifice had to be done to cover the sins of man. But Jesus died that one time to cover them for all time. For us. For you.

If you decide you are ready to make a genuine commitment to Jesus, He is willing if you are. It’s not some special formula, it’s just a conversation. Something like this:

“Jesus, thank you for giving all that you gave for me.
Please forgive me of my sins and come into my life.
I give myself over to you. Please take control.
Thank you Jesus for saving me!”

If you prayed that with a sincere heart, He has come and made you clean and beautiful in blb-main-adHis sight! So, now what? Well, here’s a couple of pointers…

Read the Bible as much as you can (if you do not have one, click here for an online version. And there are dozens of free apps).
Pray and talk to Jesus constantly. Even if you don’t understand everything, He hears you!
Find a church that believes in the Bible and teaches the love and mercies of God.
Spend as much time as you can with Christians.

Don’t worry about your imperfections. Jesus was the only perfect one.
Don’t let people’s foolish judgments deter you from knowing God.
Don’t forget…NEVER, NEVER, NEVER forget, Jesus loves you!!!

If you want to talk, feel free to contact us!