The Kingdom of God I

The written word has many, many uses. On this blog, we mostly focus on the Love of God. That particular subject comes in many forms. One of them being teaching. Now I do not propose to be any kind of great teacher, and, usually, if I am teaching anything it is because God is teaching me something and I am simply passing it along. That, ultimately, is what the Crazy Amazing Love Books are based upon. It is also one of the reasons I do not charge for the books. Which, incidentally, the first manuscript for 31 Pieces of Joy is almost completed.

One of the great subjects of Christianity is the “Kingdom of God.” I felt led to explore this subject and realized it would likely take a number of blogs to do so. This is not he beginning of a book, so the coverage will be kind of brief. At least that is the plan for now.

The first place in scripture (NKJV) where we find the exact phrase “Kingdom of God” is in Matthew 6:33:

“But seek the Kingdom of God first and all these things will be added to you.”

The New Testament is the only Testament it is used as such. There are Old Testament references that we will likely get to eventually.

The concept of a “kingdom”, however, did not show up suddenly. In the Old Testament (OT), a kingdom was a very prevalent thing. Very common. It was not too much different than what we see as a kingdom now. Of course, the Children of Israel had one themselves. The people told the Judge/Prophet Samuel they wanted to be like other countries and have a king. So, God granted their request by placing Saul as their first king. Something they eventually regretted.

But we are trying to focus here on what the Kingdom of God is. A kingdom consists of many people in leadership. The proverbial buck stopping at the throne. The Kingdom of God is no different. God/Jesus sits upon the Throne and many layers of authority fall out from there. Yes, we are all the same in God’s eyes. But He does indeed place people in authority over us within the Kingdom. And we are foolish to assume otherwise.

As we go into this vast subject, we will explore a lot of areas. We’ll discuss how the Kingdom is, and has been around for a long time. How that it was declared to exist during the time of Christ and how it is even more so here now, and how we are and are not, a part of it.

The Kingdom has principles, methods, ways, mentalities, and structures. Kingdom members think differently. The King reigns supreme. Yet, He personally knows all of His subjects. Of course, that’s not what He calls us!

While we will explore many of the parallels to a physical kingdom, we will also gain understanding of the parts of God’s Kingdom that is not like the kingdoms here on Earth.

Okay? No guarantees on when these lesson/blogs will post. But this will be fun and enlightening!



God is always leading us to new things and new heights. And, most of the time, it takes some pruning to get there. If, we want more.


In our morning walks, we often head towards a specific part of the neighborhood because of the amazing flowers and beautiful yards. One special place around the corner has a wonderful display of roses. These people really know what they are doing. It hasĀ been a great year for their garden.

Rosa cherry parfaitAs we approached the block, I began to see (in horror almost) that the variety of colors we have always associated with this particular yard were not there. We searched the whole set of plants to find a scant two white buds beginning to open and a few more buds still fully green. The rest of the roses had been pruned back.

Disappointed, but trusting the neighbor to do what is right (they clearly knew roses), we walked on. I began to think about the pruning process.

As a kid, I often spent time at my grandpa’s house. He was a master pruner. He would take on whole orchards by himself. I didn’t understand it very well, but the one thing I got from it was that the tree would produce more, bigger, healthier fruit next year. The roses, of course, do the same thing.

This year, the roses in this yard were spectacular! Award winning even. Why prune them? Then I realized that we are that rose bush. Or the fruit tree.

On our own, we “peak.” We achieve and then it’s all down hill. As you know, I have just finished writing a book. Something I have wanted to do most of my life. It is written from all the years of knowledge gaining and experience. Okay, mostly from the Love God has shown me. But He used me to do it. Is that it? Am I done now?

God brings us to yesterday. But He has more for us today. The pruning process happens on the oldest plants as much as the younger ones. If you want something beautiful and amazing. God is always leading us to new things and new heights. And, most of the time, it takes some pruning to get there. If, we want more.

Maybe that pruning is a difficult experience. Maybe it is a situation you are in that is ongoing. Maybe it is the most amazing thing you have ever had the privilege to pass through. Maybe it’s just a walk in the neighborhood.

Whatever it is, do not despise the pruning that God is doing in your life. It is with great purpose. And, yes, it could be a literal pruning. He often removes things and people to get you further into your destiny. It has happened to me more than once!

God’s Love knows no bounds. But like the love we show to a rose bush, it requires a little snip here and there to make it really shine. He wants us to shine! He wants His kids to be something spectacular! Imagine that?