Book Studies


The Bible makes mention about the subject of Jesus in books (John 21:25). That the whole world could not contain all that would be, or could be, written about Him. Since Jesus walked the Earth, He has been the subject of many, many books. There’s titles going back 2,000 years. Not just the Scriptures themselves, but also those written by godly men and women that number in the millions. Look at the blogs around the world alone that post daily the Love and Grace of Christ!

Now doing a study via someone’s book can be time consuming and somewhat precarious. I have to know, for one thing, that the author will be okay with it. Especially since we are posting here on it. So, the process is simple. I will always post a link to purchase the book yourself so that you may follow along. But, of course, you do not have to.

There will never be anything negative posted about the author. Maybe, if I can access it, some history of the person and their walk with Christ. A brief bio of sorts. Then on to the meat. Ultimately, it must always glorify God!

We are in the process, but for the moment, we do not have any particular studies ready to post.