About Me


My name is Matthew Davenport and I am first and foremost a lover of God. He is why I still breathe. I was born in Ukiah, 2c96e7914-900c-4323-9024-6d0e7557ef42.2California on the first day of 1966. I am no one special except in the eyes of Jesus. He has always proven himself to be my closest Friend, my Confidant, my Savior. I often find it odd that as a “nobody” in this world, my best Friend is the Creator of the Universe.

I am blessed with 3 amazing kids. Mercedes, my beautiful, hard working and super smart little girl. She’s 20, so just a little girl to me.

My oldest boy is Caleb. His name means “strong and loyal.” He is every bit of that.

My youngest is Jacob. He’s a “south paw.” He thinks differently and I love that so much about him.

I have been a writer, a preacher, a photographer, a police officer, a truck driver, aDSC_0088 web designer, a customer service rep, a cashier…The list goes on. I am that guy who never sat still for very long on a job. Always looking for something better, never realizing that I was leaving a wake of problems behind me because I couldn’t keep a job. I found it to be very hard to do something that could easily be done better. And, when I tried to improve, it always backfired. Sometimes, you have to deal with mediocre to continue in life

The ride we call life has many ups and downs. I’ve had my share and will continue to do so. I find comfort in the fact that He will never leave me or forsake me.

If I could choose one job in life I know I would stick with, it’s writing. My second most thrilling thing to do is photography. I have learned a great deal about both of these DSC_0269subjects. I have never managed to meld the two into something that will pay the bills. But, I go on doing them because I cannot do otherwise.

And so you know, I use several sources in my writing. Including the two I use the most, Bible Gateway and Blue Letter Bible websites. Most of the time I am quoting from the New King James Version. I apologize if it’s not the version you use. I hope it doesn’t create an issue with you. And those I advertise with are hand picked. I know the legitimacy of their call and their site.

Blessings to you and thanks for stopping by to read what is going on. As I said, I love writing more than anything and you will find that to be the truth as I do go on….and on…




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