31 Pieces of Love

CALHeader“Crazy Amazing Love: 31 Pieces of Love” explores the Love of God in 31 different perspectives and origins. From how God loved us in the Garden to how we learn to accept the massive outpouring He has for us, how we are affected by it and how we in turn affect others because of it. Plus much more!

Crazy Amazing Love: 31 Pieces of Love

God has done everything necessary to woo you, and to show His goodness and love to you. Including the sacrifice of His Son Jesus to pay the cost of the sin that divides us from Him. That’s Crazy Amazing Love!

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

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Chapter 2, “Love is Set Loose”
Page 10

“Put aside for a moment God’s Spirit and His Son’s physical manifestation. Love is something that shows up in dozens of ways. Between a woman and a man. Between a parent and a child. Between a dog and his master. Between a man and his burger! The term for Love is used in so many fashions and totally correct in all of them. Abuses aside.”

Chapter 8, “Reflections”
Page 46

“So, we asked the question, what does Love look like? Does it look like a Christian? Does it look like a preacher? Maybe Love looks like a generous company executive? Or the teenager handing us burgers at Micky D’s? That’s just it! There are no specific ways that Love looks like when we look at a face. Love does indeed have a specific look; but recognizing it because of gender, wealth, or occupation will leave us lost. It cannot be defined in that way.”

Chapter 11, “Generosity”
Page 64

““Chic flick” plots abound with both women and men fully self-absorbed and living life with no one else important to them until one day they meet the ultimate mate. Then it’s a fight all the way to the last five minutes of the 2 ½ hour movie when they finally connect. During that time, they both become transformed into someone else. The selfish life style they have been living melts away and suddenly, they would give every single thing they own to be with that one person. (This plot alone keeps the Hallmark Channel in business.) The saddest thing that could happen at that point is a sequel.”

The comedy and humor mixed in will lend to a really enjoyable read. The last section of the book focuses on the Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13.

Chapter 25, “The Martyr”
Page 154, 155

“We are often noticed for what we do. How we treat others. But in the end, if our foundation is not solid, strong, and genuine Love, what man sees means nothing.

“The gain (or profit) is the Kingdom. Not just where we end up at the end of our life, but where we are now. After all, the Kingdom of God is here now. If we give all we have to the poor, including our very life, we face eternity not based on what we achieved, but why we achieved it.”

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