A Safe Place

Your Struggles Are Real!

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I was next to the kitchen door this morning as I was cooking breakfast. Just out the door a few feet is our garden. Jutting up from the tomato box is a fir 2×2 with a large bird feeder on its top. There sitting upon it, dividing out his breakfast, was a blue bird/scrub jay. He looked at me several times, trying to nibble in between his ganders at me and thoughts racing through his head about personal safety. He finally flew off. But not before I said a quick hello and an assurance that he was in a safe place.

Then I thought about that statement. “A safe place.”

What does that mean? To quantify such a request one must know the circumstances. The scrub jay was in a safe place for his life was not in danger around here. We love the birds and enjoy their company. The barn cats might not feel the same towards them. But they are always safe with us.

But a safe place does not always involve a life threatening situation. Maybe it’s a therapy group or psychologist. A place where you can talk freely and openly about your difficulties.

A safe place could be your home. In the presence of your parents. Your spouse. Your pastor. Your best friend. How about God?

Life throws a varied amount of hardballs our way. And they are seldom pointed at a place where we are swinging a bat. Most often, those hardballs are pointed at our heads. “Stuff” that will hurt us.

We combat much of this by “sucking it up.” Taking it in stride. Moving on. So those things build up.

Maybe we are smart and have learned to let those blisters empty before they consume us. Because, after all, that is exactly what happens. They build up and then “pop”. And all the world is the victim as we vent beyond the amount our loved ones can withstand.

The safest place I know is in the Presence of God. There I can be honest. Because He knows my deepest secrets anyway. I can express my heart’s cry. I can tell Him my ambitions. I can explain how I’m so lost in some areas. I can tell Him my frustrations with other people. I can talk about any subject I want to. What I watched on TV the night before. The things that I want in my life. I can even tell Him how much I want something that has little long term reasoning. Just “things.” There is nothing not safe to discuss with God.

Your struggles are real. What you are dealing with may never be public. Whether you are trying to move on from something as terrible as rape or molestation. Or as tough as being over looked in a promotion. Or as simple as a scrape or splinter. And, believe it or not, a bad grade on a test you thought you were going to ace can be a life “slamming” incident. He loves to take us to a safe place and listen to our deepest, most intimate, hardest, craziest thoughts.

His Presence is always a safe place!


Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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