On This Day

– We are free to do as we please in America because soldiers died to give that to us. We are free inside to truly live because Jesus died to give that to us. –

Oddly enough, through notifications that stream into my phone on a regular basis, and despite not having much going on here, the number of people connected to my blog has sharply increased. I am grateful that there are a regular new members, but, in all honesty, I feel slightly suspicious. Still, welcome aboard. I pray God’s grace will find your heart receptive and that something said here will draw you closer to Him.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. I had intended to write something before, but life is often simply too full. And my priorities are God and family. Then somewhere in the mix, writing.

Yesterday was a covering of magnificent blue skies, happy sounds, delicious smells, wonderful conversations, and grateful hearts. We barbecued, mixed salads, held hands, hugged, picked up rocks, fed goats, wondered around the farm, and just generally enjoyed the day.

My grand kids arrived. Richelle, Beca, Cassi and Kellyn. All quite mobile and ready for the span of the farm. Shortly thereafter, Rowan arrived. My youngest grand daughter. Oh and they brought their parents with them, too! The family came. With just a few key personnel missing. And missed they were!

The food was great, everyone had plenty. We have a new mother in the herd and she and her twins were a lot of fun. The kids swung on the tree swings. They played in the playhouse. They squirted one another with squirt guns. They played in the grass. We sat and laughed as they did their thing.

We discussed meat cooking ideas and recipes. We planned the BBQ on the 4th of July. We talked about God’s wonder. How blue the sky was and how beautiful the land was. A day that will remain upon my memory, likely, until I reach that next place.

The kids played without worry. We spoke as we pleased. We ate as much as we wanted. We enjoyed being able to enjoy.

Memorial Day is set in place for that very thing. We might spend the entire day having fun and completely forget what the holiday is about. We shouldn’t, of course. But we can.

I imagine in my mind the tall fields around us. The acres of grass and trees. In the distance, unseen by the mortal eye, stand soldiers. Men, women, young, old. Olive drab, khaki, green camo, desert camo, class A, B – dress blues and civvies. All decorated up and some with nothing more than bare collars. Weapons varying from flintlocks to full auto M-16s. Some with swords and some with just a survival knife in their hands. They look over at the kids at play. They smile. Then they look up at the parents gathered around the table with their feast before them. “Keep at it. We have your back. Enjoy this day, it’s what we intended it to be.”

We must never forget. But there’s a grace that is leveled at us for that. There is nothing wrong with completely enjoying the time we have together. Just remember why we can.

Long before our brave soldiers fought for our freedom, Someone paid that very same price. And that freedom He brought that day trickled down to and infilled a Nation of Freedom Lovers. We are free to do as we please in America because soldiers died to give that to us. We are free inside to truly live because Jesus died to give that to us.

It’s yet another beautiful day. That has been given to us. Enjoy!


Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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