And Onward

Hutch Is done!

Good morning everyone!

Well, the first draft of “Hutch” is done and so I will have a little more time to write here in the blog. It is an exciting book. It’s what is termed Christian fiction. A fictional story that talks about God and how He interacts with people in life. Click here and you can read more about it. Now my focus will be to get Ketchwood edited and ready to publish.

Image may contain: house, tree, sky and outdoorI have taken a job. A fabulous job that includes a house and all my utilities. The job is to live on a farm and tend to a couple of elderly folks who simply do not want to move into an “old folks” home. And, the reality is that I do not blame them. They have owned this farm since 1961. The main house, which they live in, was built in 1865. Yes, very old and very beautiful!

Irvin and Lois are both in their 90’s and trucking on. Two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet.

I do a number of things for them. I cook three meals a day for them. Do all their shopping. Make certain they are taking whatever meds they require, and so on. One of my favorite duties is tending to the fire.

In the mornings I go over and fix their breakfast, get their pills, check blood sugar, etc. Then I make sure theĀ fire is burning in the stove, add a little wood to it, then go fill up the wood box.

Now usually when I open the stove, the fire is down to just coals from the night before. I add a few small sticks, kindling size, it will heat up, and, soon, a roaring blaze is going. This morning as I opened it up, there were several half burnt chunks that were just smoldering. I rearranged them and stuck a couple of small limb pieces in amongst them. No real change. Except more smoke. Underneath, something was happening, but it just wouldn’t flame up.

As I stood there waiting for it to get going, I realized that it simply wasn’t gettingImage may contain: sky, outdoor and nature anywhere. Truth is I could have just closed it up and the draft would have got it going, but I like to make sure flames are present and burning before I leave. I added some wind and the results didn’t change much. Well, except the smoke now came into the room.

I lit a match and dropped it in the coals. They jumped and flames came up all over. Granted, it doesn’t always happen that way. In this case, the coals were burning hot, but needed just a little coaxing to get them going.

Sometimes we struggle with a burning for God just under the surface. Especially after a week of work and TV and chores and people. Life takes it’s toll on us as we seek to serve God. This is why church is so important. We often need that little flame to spark our fire and get us going again.

So, that’s all I got this time around. Stay in the Word. Go to church. God has big plans for 2018! For all of us!






Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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