Merry Christmas Story!

2There’s a whole lot going on in the world right now and my time gets shoved around a lot. Unfortunately, that means I don’t get as much of that time as I’d like to write here in the blog-sphere. But Christmas is such an important thing that I can’t let that pass without saying something.

I wanted to talk about something more than just the Christmas story. That said, it is the key to this magnificent day. But then, we all have a Christmas story. Something or someone that touched us and maybe left an impression during that glistening time of year.

A few days ago, my Facebook feed popped up a name I hadn’t thought of in a while. I hope he is reading this. His sister was a dear friend of mine. I tend to tear up a bit when I think of her. Her name was Pam and she was a beautiful, amazing soul that loved Christmas and kids. That’s sort of my Christmas story this year.

Pam was the cook at the school across the street from where we lived. She was witty, comical, hard working, smiled like the Joker (but in a good way), and laughed easily. She fed the kids in the cafeteria for a long time. I have no idea how long she was the cook, but she put together a LOT of meals.

She and I became friends and I am so appreciative of that fact. She was involved in many things. The community of Laytonville, California owes a great deal of gratitude to her for the years of service she performed. And not for the money, but because she loved her community. Her kids grew up there. Her grand kids are growing up there. She made an impact there.

I know it gets a little too commercial this time of year. And the crowds can be more than they should be. But whether or not you enjoy Christmas is entirely up to you. We want everyone to have a nice time and we often destroy our own Holiday in the process. Pam is not here anymore. Her dues were paid and she got that eternal home. She knew the meaning of Christmas. She really knows the meaning of Christmas now!

Some of my few regrets in life belong to a select group of people that I didn’t get to hug one more time. Pam is one. But I know there is a hug waiting for me in Heaven. The reality was that Pam saw Christmas for what it was. And is. A time to celebrate Christ’s Birth and let the world’s cares roll away for at least a few days. To enjoy it.

If you must face the traffic jams, the crowds at the department stores, the lines at Starbucks, or the awful office parties, do so knowing there is a Christmas Story in your Holidays somewhere. Find that and dwell on it. Maybe your kids. Possibly the school play. The people caroling. Who knows. Smile! You live in a country where the least of us are living in luxury compared to 80% of the rest of the world. We have more to celebrate than anyone!

So, if you are struggling for a bright spot, lift a glass of nog and join me in a toast to Pam! One of the brightest, bright spots in my Christmas story! And let me know yours. I’ll return the favor!

Merry Christmas!



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