True Heroes

Greater love has no man than he who is willing to lay down his life for another…

We throw “hero” moniker around a lot these days. But in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Of course a hero is different for everyone, I suppose. But just because a person becomes someone that we like or admire (often based upon the fact that we want to be them), “a hero it does not make them.”

It has been 16 years since America was attacked by the Islamic terrorists. Much has happened since that day. MUCH! A whole new political spectrum has risen up. But, this is not a political blog, so we are not going there. This blog is about God’s love, and all the positive fallout from there. So know that love is not a part of your belief system if you need to murder as many people as you can “before you die.”

In fact, true love is shown when you are willing to sacrifice and put yourself into harms way to save others. Sixteen years ago, a number of people proved that true love as they gave their lives for others while a cowardly, selfish, maniacal group of religious monsters (who still thrive and demonstrate how their beliefs are anything but godly or based in love) attacked and murdered innocent lives.


We have in our midst a whole list of heroes to celebrate:

The Soldier… They sign up to train and prepare to step into danger at any given moment. They understand from day one that they might not see another daylight. Their existence is to give their life when called upon for our freedom. Including the freedom to protest them.

The Firefighter… Never in recent history has this been so true. We learned on 9/11 what these people are capable of. How they tend to run towards that which others are running from. A thousand movies are made trying to capture the American firefighter. It’s difficult to fully express.

The Police Officer… Some of the most hated and feared individuals in America. With no real reason. There are over a million police officers of some kind across our country. When one makes a mistake (whether on purpose or by accident, whether real or assumed) it becomes a national sensation. In truth, we were never meant to have such an influx. With a negative driven media, we are always on the look out for a bad cop. Regardless of our actions. These are hardworking men and women dedicated to saving lives!


Teachers… Some of our unsung heroes are those who truly devote themselves to changing kids. To lift them up. To send them on their way. They spend their lives teaching many kids who are just trying to get through school and get going in life. But some teachers thrive on seeing kids “get it” and understand what they couldn’t before.

Dad & mom… Heroes come in every shape and size. Maybe dad just works at the saw mill or the factory. Maybe mom is just a housewife. Whatever they might be, the fact that they are doing what it takes every day to raise their kids, teach them about life, feed and cloth them, and all the other parts of raising children in perhaps the craziest time in the history of human beings truly makes them heroes. They might be any of the above mentioned people. Their jobs might be fighting bad guys with a badge and a gun. Maybe it’s running into burning houses and getting cats out of trees. It could be that they are teaching other kids how to face life too with whiteboards and computers. Perhaps, it’s drawing that line between us and murders around the world that stand behind a cultic flag, intent on destroying freedom.

They may wear a uniform that says Starbucks on it. Or just plain old street clothes. Maybe they come home smelling of sterility because that’s how nurses smell sometimes. Maybe, they come home smelling of sweat. Maybe they can’t come home every night because they are stationed somewhere over seas. Or they are busy delivering goods to a warehouse three states away. Possibly because they work the night shift at the local mini mart. They do what they can to pay the bills and take care of their own.

That’s what true heroes are made of.


Today, try to remember who made and who still makes the greater sacrifices for our well-being and welfare. We have many struggles in America today. Some of which are happening because of sacrifices made by true heroes. Some because people tend to forget what a true hero looks like. What a true hero is.

And, a true Hero, will always love. Heroism is never defined or drawn from hate. Never!

Take a few minutes today and remember our heroes. Especially the One that gave it all for us. Greater love has no man than he who is willing to lay down his life for another…


Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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