God is always leading us to new things and new heights. And, most of the time, it takes some pruning to get there. If, we want more.


In our morning walks, we often head towards a specific part of the neighborhood because of the amazing flowers and beautiful yards. One special place around the corner has a wonderful display of roses. These people really know what they are doing. It hasĀ been a great year for their garden.

Rosa cherry parfaitAs we approached the block, I began to see (in horror almost) that the variety of colors we have always associated with this particular yard were not there. We searched the whole set of plants to find a scant two white buds beginning to open and a few more buds still fully green. The rest of the roses had been pruned back.

Disappointed, but trusting the neighbor to do what is right (they clearly knew roses), we walked on. I began to think about the pruning process.

As a kid, I often spent time at my grandpa’s house. He was a master pruner. He would take on whole orchards by himself. I didn’t understand it very well, but the one thing I got from it was that the tree would produce more, bigger, healthier fruit next year. The roses, of course, do the same thing.

This year, the roses in this yard were spectacular! Award winning even. Why prune them? Then I realized that we are that rose bush. Or the fruit tree.

On our own, we “peak.” We achieve and then it’s all down hill. As you know, I have just finished writing a book. Something I have wanted to do most of my life. It is written from all the years of knowledge gaining and experience. Okay, mostly from the Love God has shown me. But He used me to do it. Is that it? Am I done now?

God brings us to yesterday. But He has more for us today. The pruning process happens on the oldest plants as much as the younger ones. If you want something beautiful and amazing. God is always leading us to new things and new heights. And, most of the time, it takes some pruning to get there. If, we want more.

Maybe that pruning is a difficult experience. Maybe it is a situation you are in that is ongoing. Maybe it is the most amazing thing you have ever had the privilege to pass through. Maybe it’s just a walk in the neighborhood.

Whatever it is, do not despise the pruning that God is doing in your life. It is with great purpose. And, yes, it could be a literal pruning. He often removes things and people to get you further into your destiny. It has happened to me more than once!

God’s Love knows no bounds. But like the love we show to a rose bush, it requires a little snip here and there to make it really shine. He wants us to shine! He wants His kids to be something spectacular! Imagine that?



Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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