Crazy Amazing Love

Greetings and God bless each of you. I wanted to say thank you for following me. It has been about 2 years since I began this blog. Some 250 blogs into this. The Devotional I am writing is half written. At the pace God is downloading, the initial writing part will be done in a month or so. I am posting the introduction here today. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And yes, I would appreciate your support in the way of prayers. This is exciting and momentous. Blessings!



I guess the first question that comes up when thinking about this from an outside perspective is, “Why should I read another book about Love?” That’s a legitimate question. A million books have been written and published about Love. From much better and more qualified writers and authors than myself. And that’s not including those who wrote of it in Scripture. Those who were directly inspired of God to pen His thoughts on the subject. And, of course, He is somewhat of a know-it-all on the topic of Love being that He created Love and epitomizes it. In that, “He is Love.” But has the writings of man been exhausted and complete on Love? Probably not.

The greatest privilege I have ever had is to write about God. The Being that created everything, but simply cannot be contained in the visual acuity. The human eye. But then, that’s not entirely true. He embodied a human form in His Son, Jesus. His creation is all around us and shows us His existence through the green of the grass and twinkle of the stars. He is there because a bird can fly and a fish can swim. The laughter and joy of a child. The vastness of the mountains and the power of the ocean. Maybe He is more visible than we think. And I get the honor of writing about Him.

I began the journey I am on, as far as writing on this subject, by listening to a podcast of one of my favorite ministers. He spoke about how that people who are called to different forms of artistry gain their call from the “Master Artist.” For instance, a person that paints has a call from the Master Painter. And it goes beyond what is considered the arts. A carpenter is called by the Master Carpenter. I thought about it as I listened. I sought the Lord about what was clearly making an impact. I felt like God was saying to me that He was the Master Writer. Or, the Chief Editor, to keep in the vernacular. That really got my attention.

I stopped what I was doing and I asked aloud, “What do I do?” At the time I worked in a factory and the noise around me was loud. No one was paying any attention to me and there was no indication they heard me. But God heard me. The answer was simple; “Write.”

He wasn’t specific, so I spent some time seeking the direction. A kind of, “Where to from here?” “What should I write about?” The answer came one night a short time later as I was praying before drifting off to sleep. The joy of knowing His Love hit me and I began to smile. No one else was around, just God and myself. It developed into a chuckle and then laughter. I realized how crazy it all seemed. The level of God’s Love would be considered insane by any human standard. It’s been a while, but I believe I actually said to myself that His Love was crazy and amazing.

That thought stayed with me for a short season as I began to realize that He was leading me to write about His Love.

It has been some 200 plus blogs now and Crazy Amazing Love has changed it’s home a couple of times and had a number of make overs. And not every post spoke only of God’s Love. There’s a few book reviews, some movie reviews, a few opinions. Some rants and raves. A few Bible Studies. But, mostly they have been about the Love of God. Which, is kind of Crazy and Amazing.

And, that’s kind of what this is all about. I wouldn’t consider myself any particular authority on Love. I’m not going to tell you how your relationship with your spouse should be. Or how you are supposed to Love your kids. I’m not really an authority on God’s Love either. I think the only real authority on God’s Love is God. But, in the time that He has been leading this convoy, He has shown me a number of important things. That’s what this is.

When I originally felt God leading me to do this Devotional, I thought I would just go back through my blog posts and pick out a bunch and then re-work a little to fit. I quickly discovered that wasn’t what God had in mind. This is meant to develop the heart and mind from knowing of God’s Love to living in God’s Love. So, drawing first on God’s input and the Word, then some experiences I have gone through, we bring a simple, 31 Day Devotional to you. I pray this will impact you and help guide you into a better understanding and maybe a better accepting of God’s Crazy Amazing Love.

Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Amazing Love”

  1. I may have had a similar experience to you. Not 100% sure. But I have been led to write on God’s love too. I too have been trying to structure my books as a devotional, even though some of them deal with doctrine. But the main things is that others should learn how to devote themselves to God, so they can have all the love, joy, peace they were meant to have, and learn how to love and obey Him, and treat others with kindness and respect, including the hard to love.

    I agree with you about writing about God’s love. This is the key to everything good in this life and the life to come. Study and meditate on God’s love, and give yourself to him; this is what I wish to teach to others. If they can learn just this, God will teach them everything else they need to know, and they will understand the Bible.

    Here is the link to a description off my current ebooks, with two more in the works, waiting for the final editing, if I can get back to it. I am spending a lot of my time blogging, and not having time at the moment to finish these other ebooks and start writing any new books.

    I somehow followed you on twitter. I don’t recall if you followed me for sure on Twitter or if Twitter located you.
    Here is my twitter:
    and Facebook:
    And my Love of God Blog:
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    1. John, I am so sorry. I have been crazy busy lately and I didn’t even notice your comment. Please forgive me.

      There is indeed much to write concerning the Love of God. It is far bigger and far more powerful than we could possibly imagine. Keep up the good work!


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