Choosing Not To Be Offended

The fastest way to change a bad taste in your mouth is to put something better tasting in it. Put Jesus in the midst of your offense.

The fastest way to change a bad taste in your mouth is to put something better tasting in it. Put Jesus in the midst of your offense.

Let’s face it, we get offended awfully easy these days. Whether you are a Christian or not. I read a great book a few years ago called , “The Bait of Satan.” It was written by John Bevere. The essence of it being founded on Luke 17:1,

“It is impossible that no offenses should come…”

That statement is magnified a thousand fold in today’s society. The offenses come faster and more powerful than ever before. But, we should expect no less.

The book explained how the words of that passage refer to the devil “trapping” us and cause sin because of it. The picture that comes with this blog is called the “Offense Response Flow Chart.” I made it from looking at something I saw online, so I cannot take credit for it (I hope no one get’s offended by that). Being offended by someone’s words or action are really a choice. That choice can not only be destructive, it can be constructive. We make that choice.

Now, you might (if you are a regular reader), point out that I have written on things that are offensive to me. Like the “preview” of the “Beauty and the Beast” movie. AKA, “Blackmail?” Yes, the whole concept of using that platform to indoctrinate children to another’s, sinful morals is very offensive. But I didn’t put that out there because it was offensive. I wrote on it because it was wrong to use that for that end. Ultimately, that is not the kind of offense I am referring to. Let’s move on.

We Do Have A Choice!

I love that this “flow chart” points out that we have a choice (seems to be a theme, that choice thing). And, if we make the right choice, we find ourselves closer to God and stronger because of it. Gossip is one of most destructive things we can do as people and as Christians. Especially as Christians.

We have a choice. So, you are offended at what that person said? Now what? Most times that person has no idea you are even upset. So, you are living in your misery alone.So, what do you do? Yes, of course! Bring others on board. Get other people riled up and offended too so you won’t sit in that pile of doodoo by yourself! And then destroy anything God has done by tearing that person down. In your own eyes as well as others. Oh, and not to mention what it will do to you.

Then you go and make up to them and the person you set against them because of your gossip, now hates them and cannot possibly fathom why you are suddenly friends again. Then they begin to hate you! I have heard it called the “Third Person Syndrome.”

Jesus told us that offense is impossible to avoid. But it’s like air. We must breathe. Sometimes, the air we breathe is not so nice. We can be too close to a factory or someone who ate too much Taco Bell for lunch. The air becomes offensive to our senses. Most times the air is fine. We don’t like the foul air, but we move on. We need to think the same thing about these kinds of offense. We must avoid not the offense (which would be impossible, even the God of the Universe cannot stop that), but the negative response.

In the end, a bad response is far more destructive than the original offense. And a positive response is far more productive. The fastest way to change a bad taste in your mouth is to put something better tasting in it. Put Jesus in the midst of your offense. See what happens…



Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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