Love, Honor & The American President

Can America be great again? Certainly. But not just because the President used that as a slogan.

Can America be great again? Certainly. But not just because the President used that as a slogan.

Bless you this morning!

Today is the first Sunday, post the Presidential Inauguration. There is much hub bub aboutblb-main-ad this new leadership. Both positive and negative. Christians are even a little divided. Much of America is divided. I can express my opinion here, but that is not really what I wanted to talk about.

President Trump will face much derision the same as Barrack Obama did. There will always be a division to some extent in the politics of America. There always has. However, I don’t believe that we are in trouble to the point that we need “safe” spaces to recover from this election. I think that kind of thinking is derived from a Nation that struggles with fear and not knowing what the future holds.

The peace that passes understanding comes not from politician. Not corporations. Not great writers. Not news anchors. Not even a political pundit. It is something that exists within and cannot be put there through any other means beyond the spiritual. And the only source of it in the spiritual is God.That peace is the only way to move past the struggle with fear of the future. The foundation of the riots is fear that something is going to happen that we feel is wrong. Lots of people are in that place.


I have mentioned before that we are not called to publicly deride people. I am not innocent of that, so I am not trying to point out anyone’s splinter and ignore my own plank. I posted my share of anti-Obama memes. I have even made a few. I personally feel that Mr. Obama was not the best leader we have had. But what I came to realize, despite my actions, was that my public concerns for Mr. Obama, as President, did not match my personal efforts to pray for him. That’s what I did wrong and I make no excuse for it. So, for the last 6-8 months I have been trying to keep my angst towards him and the liberal politics to a minimum. It’s been a struggle because I am such an outspoken person.bc-main-ad-2

So, begins a new leadership. How do we as Christians respond? Mostly positive. Watchful. With integrity. But mostly, in prayer. We should always support those we agree with or disagree with in prayer. And, yes I am happy with Trump winning so it’s easy for me to say that. It doesn’t lessen the fact that we need to support him.

The Office of President should be honored. Both from the people and from the person holding that office. I don’t believe it has been that way. On both accounts. But this is not my opinion column.

As we go forward, we can look at this like a clean slate or like a worn out piece of paper. I choose to see it as a clean slate. The potential is great. Can America be great again? Certainly. But not just because the President used that as a slogan.




Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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