Life Is Short & Sometimes Painful

Greatness is not found in holding your very own Oscar. Greatness is being what God wanted you to be all along.

Greatness is not found in holding your very own Oscar. Greatness is being what God wanted you to be all along.

Blessings today!

I just wrote the other day on my Facebook, “Hang in there Princess. More sequels are on the way.” Sadly, she didn’t get the note. Carrie Fisher, known prominently by many my age (and younger…and older) as Princess Leia, was not able to recover from the heart cbd_tallattack she had. The news was devastating. To me and millions of others. Then, yesterday morning, her mom and veteran actress as well, Debbie Reynolds, passed on very suddenly. And, a few days before Carrie, singer George Michael. What do you say? The thing that comes to mind first and foremost for me? Life is not a promise. The one thing that is always guaranteed from birth is that life ends. Small comfort to family, I know. But it is true.

Every person that is alive right this second and is reading this has been and will again be touched by the loss of life. Someone they know, someone they love…Someone YOU love… People die. I hate hearing when someone dies. I hate hearing that someone whom I know or know of is facing their last moments. Or, like Carrie and Michael and Debbie, is lost suddenly without knowing it’s coming. It hurts my heart. None so much as someone close, but even still, it hurts.

God made us to live forever. But, sin resolved that and we were given a span. A time. Each one different from the other. But a time that would expire. What matters is what we do with that time. Will we impact a nation? Maybe the neighborhood? Maybe just a few individuals we call family. Maybe…

Nike has the motto, “Life is short, play hard.” I’m not sure they still use that one, but it has a real good preach to it. We look at life like something is owed to us because we choose to breathe. But that’s not the case. No one ever succeeded in creating something amazing by sitting around and waiting for someone to do it for them. There’s an old saying that goes, “opportunity knocks.” Meaning that when your chance comes along, it may only come along once. I think all the people in the world who got up and answered that knock were answering it from a motel room. Think hard on that, you will see my point.

God gave you this one chance to do something great. Then eternity. But while you’re here, go make something great happen. Even if that great is making another person. Or working all your life and paying bills. Having a family and being happy. Greatness is not found in holding your very own Oscar. Greatness is being what God wanted you to be all along.

Rest In Peace, these famous ones. And, the many that have made it to greatness, but who’s mainlogoname was never seen on a billboard or marquee. In the eyes of God, of course, He looks upon us all the same. Brother’s and sisters from the same Father. This short little span of time we are given is for us to decide if we accept Him as the Father that He is. The love God has for us is beyond anything we could ever imagine. But, we must embrace it.

Some years ago, I saw that same motto amended. It said, “Life is short. Pray hard.” Great advice.




Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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