Happy Veterans Day!

Thank A Vet! You Are Reading This Because Of Them!

Thank A Vet! You Are Reading This Because Of Them!


Good morning America!

So, let’s move beyond all the hub bub of politics.20,000 March In New York Veterans Day Parade Set aside the Hollywood stuff. Ignore the boss for a moment and just space out the issues. Take some time today and tell God how thankful you are for those who have taken on the uniform and the responsibility of defending America!

DF-SC-84-11899There are so many things going on today. And many are important. Some issues simply cannot be ignored for more than a few minutes. But we, in this Country, are still the most fortunate citizens on the face of the planet. That may not always be most apparent on the surface, but it is true. God has been very gracious to America!

One of the hardest issuesafrican_american2014_480x330_inside we are facing is the way we take care of our Vets. Especially the older ones. The statistics are staggering. And it hurts my heart.

We send our soldiers out into harms way so that we may remain free. They experience the horrors of war for our benefit. They go through hell so that we can live in heaven here in our homes and apartments. They fight the enemy that wants to destroy you and I. They work and risk it all to keep the monsters away from our door. And, they often give up everything in that endeavor.

__3277382Today isn’t about whether or not you agree with war. No one in their right mind can agree with war. But it comes because people are people. Today isn’t about who won the election. Today isn’t about whether or not you can pay your bills. It’s not about getting paid over time. Or a nice juicy barbecued steak. It’s not even about getting together with some friends. The men and women. Black, White, Asian, Native American, Indian, Middle Eastern…Whatever!

Within the Veterans of America lay many more problems. blog-homeless-older-veteransThe homeless problem is insane. The issues of mental problems, like PTSD, has been in place for a very long time. Our hearts and minds were not meant to go through what these Veterans go through. And, yes, I do believe that we should solve the Veteran issues before we fix some other countries problems with refugees. We are all some form of refugee, but we need to have the right kind of priorities and use common sense. I do not wish to harp on that issue, but I am a strong advocate for our Vets First.

american-veteranAmerican Veterans come from every walk of life. Every color and creed. Every way of thinking. They are reaching their 90’s and beyond. Some are just turning 18. They are officers and enlisted. Some never had to raise their weapon at another. Some did so, so much, lastamericanveteranworldwarburiedarlingtonpkzwsn2sxkglthey can’t get the images out of their head. Some came home. Some did not. And some arrived in a box draped with Old Glory.

Some hold their family close and fight the PTSD together. Some are fighting it alone. And some are just quietly dying in the leather easy chair because they no longer have the strength to fight a war they left somewhere over seas 50 years ago.

1hwijd-so-76Some walk with help from machines or prosthesis. Some do not walk at all. They roll along in a chair with wheels. Some are proud of their service. And some remember the reception they got when they came home more than the honor of serving. 920x920

Someone once said that once a soldier, always a soldier.¬†Would you take up arms again to fight for the freedom of America again? All the Vets that I know would stand with a resounding “Yes sir!”

13339731_1647486052238379_8083486437762472845_nNot every American man or woman must serve. And that’s what is great about America. You do not have to serve. But those who have, walk among us. They are truck drivers, factory workers, office personnel. And photographers! You can find them flying airlines, driving buses and taxis, digging ditches. Our veterans are ministers, police officers and burger flippers. They pick up garbage, they deliver mail and conduct business as CEOs. They are you and me. And some, sadly, are doing nothing because someone will not give them a chance.

As I sit here, trying to find the words to Honor Those Who Served and Still Serve, I think of how We, the People, often forget them because most are humble and genuine. They do not need or want your help. They have their jobs and they do them. Quietly, boot-workmoving on with life. Which, in a way, is how it is supposed to be. A Military Designed to Protect the Lives and Interests of the American People. And then move on with life. But we have this one day a year that is meant to reverse that way of thinking for about 24 hours.
Get over yourself and the issues of your life long enough today to say thank you to someone who is part of the process that allows you to have those issues. You may not think having problems like someone not liking your Facebook post, or your teenager being unruly, or your boss yelling at you, or the utility company over charging you, or a bad waitress, or… Thinkhomelessveteran1rev about it! Get past all of that nonsense long enough to realize what people in uniform (likely total strangers you have never met) have done to ensure your freedom. And, yeah, compared to most countries on the planet (like 90 plus percent) America is still very much free. And you can thank a Vet for that!

God Bless Our Veterans! Thank You For Your Service!



Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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