Monday Morning Pep Talk

More On The Election By Guest Blogger Richard Oliver!

More On The Election By Guest Blogger Richard Oliver!


So, a bonus blog today. Actually, a guest blogger. This comes from a man of God I love dearly and trust with everything in me. His name is Rich Oliver and he is the over seer for The River International Revival Network. Go look them over. I advise you to follow them. Just amazing stuff. Anyway, Rich sends out a “Monday Morning Pep Talk” via email every…You guessed it, Monday morning. This was today’s!

Tomorrow is Election Day – so I wanted to share with you my Bottom line:
I am a Christian!!! And I am a Conservative!!
Actually I am a “Christian Constitutional Conservative.”

By the way, you do realize that being a Conservative does not mean you are a Republican. There are lots of Democrat and independent conservatives. In fact America is a majority conservative nation according to polls.

Do you remember, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country?” John F. Kennedy said that, the year was 1961. My folks were steadfast Democrats, who experienced the deep depths of a world wide economic collapse called the great depression.

My dear parents gave me an excellent example of the American success story that helped me understand personal responsibility, and the rewards of hard work.

I was a student of political, social studies, and government at a very early age. I was working a part time job by age 16 and me very small weekly pay check did not go far, especially after taxes, and that got me asking, “Who is going to pay for all that government spending?”

One good thing about those times is we received a great quality education, where American history was not distorted by political correctness. We had daily pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Christmas programs, and involved parents.

Sadly, far too many of that generation who graduated in the 60s and 70s went on to take a left turn, turned to drugs, free love, abortion, and giving away much of the moral direction that was won by our fathers and mothers of the great generation.

Our founding fathers were for the most part Christian men of God. They knew that the new nation must have freedom of religion but without a state sponsored church. They proclaimed a government not ruled by the church, but by Christian moral standards. George Washington the father of our country, on October 3, 1789 gave a proclamation for a day of Thanksgiving to God at the request of both houses of congress. Washington declared, “It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of God and obey His will, humbly imploring His protection.”

James Madison our 4th president and father of the U.S. Constitution said on June 20, 1785, “Religion is the basic foundation of Government.” He was a devout Christian. In 1892 Justice David Josiah Brewer with the backing of the entire Supreme Court declared that the United States is a Christian nation. That did not mean America is a theocracy, but our government’s laws and direction come from God. These men I believe would be sad and amazed at how far we as a nation have fallen from what they envisioned.

Ok, so why am I a Christian Constitutional Conservative? Think about it, how could I be a liberal with what I believe about our history, and God’s Holy word?

The ACLU is at war with God. Persecution of Christians is on the increase in the media, and even in our government. There are those today who can’t see that all our rights come from God, not from men. Left leaning activist judges are making up laws from the bench rather than interpreting our constitution as the founders drew it up.

Some in government  continue to demand more government power over our citizens, even to the point of putting forth a mandate that demands church institutions provide services adverse to church theology. That is exactly what our founders feared. Madison and Washington would be shaken to their very core if they were alive today.

Progressives seem to have an agenda of government control over our lives, support for abortion, oppose school choice, relate being a Christian to hate crimes, and class division. I see those who are conservative in ideology more compassionate and likely to love others, God, freedom and liberty as God and our founders envisioned.

I am a Christian Constitutional Conservative because I believe what James Madison believed and I think he would be in agreement with what I likewise believe to be true. I believe that all men are created equal by an all powerful wonderful loving God. I believe that no government can stand unless it is led by the direction and vision that comes only from the creator mentioned four times in the Declaration of Independence.

To me liberalism is a psychological condition and socialism is a form of tyranny. Belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior tells me that God gave us this nation to assure men and women can live free, to spread the gospel of Christ to a lost world, and protect the nation of Israel until Christ returns.

In this election of 2016, America faces a huge decision, maybe one of the most important in our history.   Pray, listen to Holy Spirit and then VOTE !

I am a Christian FIRST and a Constitutional Conservative second, and I believe there is always hope as we have vision and faith in God, and GET INVOLVED.

Rich Oliver

Thank you Rich for a great article and some powerful words about this “so important” election!


Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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