Individual Parts of the Whole

Kingdom Principle Number One!

Blessings to you on this awesome day!

Yesterday I wrote my opinion on how the actionshearts of a football player can affect the Kingdom of God. It sparked a healthy discussion between myself and another. I think we often forget that discussing thoughts of difference can be good for us. God never intended us to give Him our hearts and leave our minds behind. Many times (and I am intensely guilty of this) we only seek that which is easy and does not invite contrasting opinions. As Christians, our faith should, for the most part, be united. But we are each created with minds that are individual. We were never meant to think exactly alike. Thank you Andy for your input. It has great value. More than you know.

So, while we are on the subject, I wish to encourage each of my readers to keep some simple things in mind.

  1. The Kingdom is made up of Individuals, not groups. We are not a conglomerate. The Body of Christ is not a corporation. Now, I know that many “organizations” within the Church act like companies trying to grow bigger and richer, but they are wrong. And in all honesty, I love big churches, don’t read too far into that. The fact that someone has a different opinion is wonderful. Many, many individuals have helped advance the Kingdom of God because they had a different way of thinking.
  2. We suppress the individualism, but God celebrated it! Remember the time Jesus was with His boys, the disciples, and a woman brought her two mites to give to the offering? Remember how he spoke of her? She was important. I was given an actual mite for a Christmas present once. They are tiny. Jesus pointed her faith out to the disciples. The Bible, cover to cover, is full of stories of individuals that make a whole.
  3. We are many, we are diverse and we must be individuals for this to work. 1 Corinthians 12 is a beautiful narrative about how we are NOT supposed to be all the same. We cannot build the church being all the same. Think of the Kingdom like a building. You start with an architect. Then you bring in the foundation people. Someone comes to pour the concrete. Then carpenters come and put up walls and the roof. Then, finishing carpenters. Sometimes the same and sometimes someone different. Then sheet rock guys. And then roofers. Carpet people, electricians, plumbers and so on. To facilitate the finished product, you must experience a very diversified group of “individuals” to get it done. And they all have their own way of getting it done. The church was always meant to be exactly like that.

There’s a lot more reasons to recognize the individuals that make the Kingdom. Think if your entire church was comprised of preachers. What a mess that would be, huh?



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Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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