We are a Creature that can be so easily Satisfied!

God bless you in all you do today!

Distance is a relative term. In the physical, it can be measured in miles. In the spiritual it can be measured in joy. Neither of these are exclusive, mind you, but distance can always be measured in some way.

It’s roughly 239,000 miles to the moon. That’s awalk long ways. At the speed of the average freeway in America, 70 miles per hour, it would take you just over 142 days to get there. I’m just trying to build some perspective. That’s a long time and a lot of effort.

Distance is a wall. It is a thing that we can have between us and what we need. Sometimes, that distance may only be a few miles or less and still have great impact on our circumstances. For instance, a few miles to the store is a long way if you do not have a vehicle. Walking isn’t always an option. We rely on the help of others. Which can be a good thing.

To my point. God never wanted distance between Him and us. In the Garden, back before sin messed everything up, God would walk with Adam and Eve. There was a physical relationship between them. They were “tight.” Can you imagine having that kind of relationship with God? Enoch, the Bible says, walked with God and “was not.” He was so close to God that when the time came to die, God simply took him. And, of course, there are other examples of people who were so close to God.

Is that kind of relationship even possible today? Well, that depends upon us. The Bible says all things are possible with God, so it is in our hands. We can strive to close the gap or we can decide to let it be. Our relationship with God is not determined by how close we are, it’s the act of seeking Salvation that begins the relationship. But, where do we go from there???

We are a creature that can be so easily satisfied. We have to decide that the distance between us and God must be ever increasingly less. But, the same as in the physical, effort must be committed for that distance to close. As in the “Apollo” program, there was a determination to go to the moon, we have to determine to close the gap between us and God. A desire to “walk” with Him and not just know him.

Action on our part. Read and pray.




Author: Matt Davenport

I love to write. I write books, blogs, articles. Mostly about God and His amazing blessings. Sometimes about other things. But mostly about God. I have a fixation on comma. Please forgive me if you see too many of them.

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