Does A Celebrity Have To Be Different If They Are Saved?

If your profession demands hard rock and insanity on stage that clearly does not reflect Jesus, how do you move on.

What is still one of the most common responses when it comes to morality in America is a quote that simply is trite because it has been thrown around for so long. Usually with the wrong use. “Judge not or you will be judged.” (Matthew 7:1) Which has turned into, “Only God can judge me.” Or the latest, “Don’t judge me.” Meaning, “I can do whatever I want. I am only responsible to God for what I do.” Which, funny as it seems, is far worse than me judging you. God is perfect in all His ways, I am not. He will judge accordingly. And, as John Branyan put it, “You should be scared if you are waiting for God to judge you.”

Regardless, the Bible’s statement about judgement does not end there. But the question is how should a celebrity act when they become Christians? How do they proceed with their work? What if their work generally contains some not so “Christian values?” Does that mean they stop acting? How about if they are rock and roll or country singers? Do they stop performing secular music? There is a lot of “ifs” in the equation. And do Christians have the right to judge them to begin with?

If your profession demands hard rock and insanity on stage that clearly does not reflect Jesus, how do you move on. What if you are under contract? What if the lines for your character expect some rather foul words? Maybe a scene involves having sex with another actor or actress? Or even just a kiss with someone you are not married to?

Hollywood demands a great deal from those who are aiming to become a success there. Much of which is simply not moral. How do you portray a hero that kills a bunch of people? The list goes on and on. And we pray that God changes Hollywood as a whole. Just so long as they make those movies we love.

Should a movies star be changed upon getting saved? Of course. But then we are all supposed to be changed. If something in us is not changed, maybe we are just doing lip service. But that’s not the point.

When a person becomes a Christian, they are giving control of their life to God. But, we know that can be a slow process as we come to understand Him better. Becoming a Christian in Hollywood can destroy your life.I mean, think about it. The entire existence of that town is to promote quite literally whatever you want. It is the closest thing we have to a real “Fantasy Land.” A place dedicated to satisfying the flesh through the visual.

Yes, a celebrity who is a Christian should be changed. Yes they should become moralistic in the choices they make. Yes, their lives should become a reflection of Jesus. And, yes the Bible specifically says I have the right as a Christian to judge whether or not a person is saved by their actions. In fact, it’s in the same chapter of Matthew that says judge not. Just 15 verses down. It is in the same section as the “sheep in wolves clothing” area. Which brings in a whole new subject that we are not going into. Essentially, though, not all sheep in wolves fashion are ministers or members of the church.

But the key here is not saying as Christian I do not have a right to judge, because I do, I just don;t have a right to condemn. Sentencing is not in my list of things I am qualified for. But if I do not judge, I can open a million doors over time to create a plethora of problems. I will close with an example of what I mean and why it is imperative that we learn to judge. And to do so with great care.

Did you realize that every time someone asks your advice they are asking you to judge them? Judgement is not the same as condemnation. When Jesus said not to judge another person, He meant not to condemn them. If you do not properly judge people, you will have strife, drama, and a whole list of other issues negatively affecting you and the ones you love. Judgement is good, Condemnation… Not so good!

We will speak more on this. But know for certain, God loves mankind so much that He gave up His only Son for our salvation. Judgement can come from a true, loving heart. It is good for us sometimes. Especially if it points us to Jesus.




True Heroes

Greater love has no man than he who is willing to lay down his life for another…

We throw “hero” moniker around a lot these days. But in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Of course a hero is different for everyone, I suppose. But just because a person becomes someone that we like or admire (often based upon the fact that we want to be them), “a hero it does not make them.”

It has been 16 years since America was attacked by the Islamic terrorists. Much has happened since that day. MUCH! A whole new political spectrum has risen up. But, this is not a political blog, so we are not going there. This blog is about God’s love, and all the positive fallout from there. So know that love is not a part of your belief system if you need to murder as many people as you can “before you die.”

In fact, true love is shown when you are willing to sacrifice and put yourself into harms way to save others. Sixteen years ago, a number of people proved that true love as they gave their lives for others while a cowardly, selfish, maniacal group of religious monsters (who still thrive and demonstrate how their beliefs are anything but godly or based in love) attacked and murdered innocent lives.


We have in our midst a whole list of heroes to celebrate:

The Soldier… They sign up to train and prepare to step into danger at any given moment. They understand from day one that they might not see another daylight. Their existence is to give their life when called upon for our freedom. Including the freedom to protest them.

The Firefighter… Never in recent history has this been so true. We learned on 9/11 what these people are capable of. How they tend to run towards that which others are running from. A thousand movies are made trying to capture the American firefighter. It’s difficult to fully express.

The Police Officer… Some of the most hated and feared individuals in America. With no real reason. There are over a million police officers of some kind across our country. When one makes a mistake (whether on purpose or by accident, whether real or assumed) it becomes a national sensation. In truth, we were never meant to have such an influx. With a negative driven media, we are always on the look out for a bad cop. Regardless of our actions. These are hardworking men and women dedicated to saving lives!


Teachers… Some of our unsung heroes are those who truly devote themselves to changing kids. To lift them up. To send them on their way. They spend their lives teaching many kids who are just trying to get through school and get going in life. But some teachers thrive on seeing kids “get it” and understand what they couldn’t before.

Dad & mom… Heroes come in every shape and size. Maybe dad just works at the saw mill or the factory. Maybe mom is just a housewife. Whatever they might be, the fact that they are doing what it takes every day to raise their kids, teach them about life, feed and cloth them, and all the other parts of raising children in perhaps the craziest time in the history of human beings truly makes them heroes. They might be any of the above mentioned people. Their jobs might be fighting bad guys with a badge and a gun. Maybe it’s running into burning houses and getting cats out of trees. It could be that they are teaching other kids how to face life too with whiteboards and computers. Perhaps, it’s drawing that line between us and murders around the world that stand behind a cultic flag, intent on destroying freedom.

They may wear a uniform that says Starbucks on it. Or just plain old street clothes. Maybe they come home smelling of sterility because that’s how nurses smell sometimes. Maybe, they come home smelling of sweat. Maybe they can’t come home every night because they are stationed somewhere over seas. Or they are busy delivering goods to a warehouse three states away. Possibly because they work the night shift at the local mini mart. They do what they can to pay the bills and take care of their own.

That’s what true heroes are made of.


Today, try to remember who made and who still makes the greater sacrifices for our well-being and welfare. We have many struggles in America today. Some of which are happening because of sacrifices made by true heroes. Some because people tend to forget what a true hero looks like. What a true hero is.

And, a true Hero, will always love. Heroism is never defined or drawn from hate. Never!

Take a few minutes today and remember our heroes. Especially the One that gave it all for us. Greater love has no man than he who is willing to lay down his life for another…


Who You Are, Not Who You Are

Strength in the Kingdom of God is not found in accomplishments or the visual of a person. It is only found in God.

I was listening to Bill Johnson this morning. Here’s the link. He mentions Gideon, one of my favorite people of the Old Testament. Essentially, Gideon was the least important person in one of the smallest tribes. Yet, he was called to lead Israel to freedom. And he did.

Strength in the Kingdom of God is not found in accomplishments or the visual of a person. It is only found in God. The great battle between David and the giant Goliath was not a given victory for David. Small and simple, he was even ridiculed by his own brothers. Yet, he went out and destroyed the enemy.

In the world, we look at the face, the body, the exploits, the talent, the skills. The list that we see and make our decisions by is long and involved. God only looks at the heart. And sometimes, the heart isn’t even really where it needs to be. But God knows more than we do.

The Disciples were not well known or famous by any stretch. Many that God chooses even today have nothing to offer the world. If you look at church history, you will see many who led revivals to be far less than adequate by man’s standards. It is a common thread that is weaved into the tapestry of God’s Kingdom from the beginning of time. And continues today.

In our relationship with God, we often know things God has put into us that He has not put in others. A desire. A word for others. Giftings for the advancement of the Kingdom. Despite whatever that may be, we still must be obedient to Him.

That story of how Gideon saved a nation is a good example. He was threshing wheat in a hidden place so he wouldn’t get caught and the whole conversation began like this:

“Now the Angel of the Lord came and sat under the terebinth tree which was in Ophrah, which belonged to Joash the Abiezrite, while his son Gideon threshed wheat in the winepress, in order to hide it from the Midianites. And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him, and said to him, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!””   Judges 6:11-12

Look at the greeting. God is greeting YOU today with a name! Not your name, the name, the description that He sees! You mighty man of valor! Or woman! Haha!

When you look in the mirror, you may see your flesh and weakness, but God sees a mighty warrior!

Step out! God has you in this! You are not who you are, you are His and you are ready for something amazing! We cannot change the world by staying in the shadows thinking we are weak and incomplete. Whatever God is calling you to do is your niche. Your place. You are being called to go there because He is preparing the way and He is preparing you! Don’t wait too long, there are people out there depending on you to lead them to the Salvation of Jesus Christ!


My City, Albany, Oregon!

The essence of the word was that through us, God can change a city. Even a country. We are so busy planning to be off in the Rapture that we are willing to leave millions behind. Billions!

I am compelled to write this morning. I woke at 6am to the sound of one of my favorite speakers. Long story short, I needed to hear what he had to say. (you can listen to him here) And, I was then done for the night and got up.

The essence of the word was that through us, God can change a city. Even a country. We are so busy planning to be off in the Rapture that we are willing to leave millions behind. Billions!

Ask yourself, do you have a neighbor that you like? A kid that works the local corner market? Of course you do. Even if you live out in the sticks, there’s someone you know that doesn’t know Jesus.

But that’s not even the point. God doesn’t want even one person to lose out on Heaven. (2 Peter 3:9) But, we can’t go out into the world with Salvation “notches on our Bibles” in mind. It’s important that we spread the Gospel, but doing it just because Jesus said to do it might not be the best plan. I suppose if that’s your motivation, then better that than not doing it at all.

What if, though, we started seeking God for a better motivation. Maybe one like Jesus had when He went to the cross? Exhausted, the Word says that He had compassion on the multitudes. He preached about loving our enemies. He defended the guilty and sinful. He befriended the traitor. He embraced the diseased.

We often desire to “rebel” against the worldly ways of our society because it is so anti-Christian. We tend to want to emphasize that we do not agree with things like abortion, sexual trespasses, immoral financial manipulations, and so on. That all has it’s place and I’m on board with a godly stance. After all, Jesus was considered a rebel. But not for rebel’s sake.

We don’t have to compromise to love. And bringing our city to Jesus does not require that we tell everyone how messed up they are. Because, in reality, Jesus chooses to use messed up people. And, if you aren’t too messed up up before you go hard after God, you will be.

In the words of a man I truly respect, Bill Johnson, “Walk and pray.” We can go out and bring Jesus back to our cities. Imagine an organized group walking the streets of your city, DAILY, praying for a move of God in the hearts and minds of the people He made? Every section of town prayed over, every day. Wouldn’t that be something? What if…?


31 Pieces of Love

Love is something that shows up in dozens of ways. Between a woman and a man. Between a parent and a child. Between a dog and his master. Between a man and his burger!

Posted from the new page under the Book link

I am very excited about this book. This is, of course, the first in the Crazy Amazing Love series. Appropriately it focuses on God’s love. How it is there for us, how it affects us, how we in turn give it out. It’s full of stories, examples, encouragement, humor, and more. I wrote this to be an easy, fun read. But also to help people to understand God’s love and how it is awesome, powerful, and, quite honestly, a little crazy and amazing from our perspective.

It is 31 chapters long. But only 190 pages, so the chapters are pretty short. Easy for someone to read a chapter a day without too much time involved.

Here are a few quotes and the chapter/page they are found on:

Chapter 2, “Love is Set Loose”
Page 10

“Put aside for a moment God’s Spirit and His Son’s physical manifestation. Love is something that shows up in dozens of ways. Between a woman and a man. Between a parent and a child. Between a dog and his master. Between a man and his burger! The term for Love is used in so many fashions and totally correct in all of them. Abuses aside.”

Chapter 8, “Reflections”
Page 46

“So, we asked the question, what does Love look like? Does it look like a Christian? Does it look like a preacher? Maybe Love looks like a generous company executive? Or the teenager handing us burgers at Micky D’s? That’s just it! There are no specific ways that Love looks like when we look at a face. Love does indeed have a specific look; but recognizing it because of gender, wealth, or occupation will leave us lost. It cannot be defined in that way.”

Chapter 11, “Generosity”
Page 64

““Chic flick” plots abound with both women and men fully self-absorbed and living life with no one else important to them until one day they meet the ultimate mate. Then it’s a fight all the way to the last five minutes of the 2 ½ hour movie when they finally connect. During that time, they both become transformed into someone else. The selfish life style they have been living melts away and suddenly, they would give every single thing they own to be with that one person. (This plot alone keeps the Hallmark Channel in business.) The saddest thing that could happen at that point is a sequel.”

The comedy and humor mixed in will lend to a really enjoyable read. The last section of the book focuses on the Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13.

Chapter 25, “The Martyr”
Page 154, 155

“We are often noticed for what we do. How we treat others. But in the end, if our foundation is not solid, strong, and genuine Love, what man sees means nothing.

“The gain (or profit) is the Kingdom. Not just where we end up at the end of our life, but where we are now. After all, the Kingdom of God is here now. If we give all we have to the poor, including our very life, we face eternity not based on what we achieved, but why we achieved it.”cover-back

My aim for this book is to first, and foremost, glorify God. I cannot write or do anything without Him personally involved. After all, as it is pointed out several times throughout the book, God is the creator of Love.

If you are interested in getting your own copy, please contact me. For a limited time I am sending this out via messenger or email in a .pdf file to anyone who is interested. The entire work. No cost to you. The publishing will start around the first of September, 2017.

If you desire to purchase a copy of the book, email me at and I will add you to the list. It will be available through Amazon shortly for your direct purchase.

Above everything, I hope and pray that this book will glorify God. But I also pray that it will help people, Christian or non-Christian, to see that God does truly Love us and wants us to Love!

Losing Love

I’m gonna probably offend someone, but if you have anything less than love for anyone regardless of their skin color or origin or sexual preference…or whatever your motivation is, you are the problem.

I confess I do not follow the news very close. So much of it is done poorly and without regard to the truth. Blind leading blind and making a profit. I do catch enough to get an understanding of what is going on, though. And it’s not good.

It doesn’t matter what side of the issue we might be standing on, hate is evil. I’m gonna probably offend someone, but if you have anything less than love for anyone regardless of their skin color or origin or sexual preference…or whatever your motivation is, you are the problem. Especially if you have some crazy idea that you have a twisted righteous reason for feeling the way you do.

America should be the shining example of love, not hatred. Go ahead and accuse me of whatever you want to. There is NO excuse for rioting and causing such ruckus that people lose their life. The worst part is that truly successful protests in the past never erupted into insanity. That’s not protesting, that is satanic evil.

We are taught by Christ Himself that we are to love above everything. Everything! There is no room for hatred.


Getting Rocked!

We naturally love to solve mysteries. It’s in our DNA. It’s the hunt to know more. To understand better. To not only get the reward that may come, but to be the one who discovers the truth.

There’s a new trend that is taking the country by storm. And it rocks!

Okay, cheesy lines aside, this is for real. And it’s amazing!

Across several communities this has become a wonderful family event. Like hunting Easter eggs, only better. The adults get to be involved and just enjoy searching these out. This is how it works:

You find a nice, generally small (2-6 inches across) rock with a fairly smooth surface, scrub it clean, dry it off, paint it however you want (clean, kids are involved), and once it’s good and dry, use a clear paint/sealer on it. Then, when ready, take it out into your community and hide it somewhere. Usually there is a somewhat local Facebook page upon which to announce the hide. Or say nothing and hopefully it will be found. The basic mantra is, “Take one, leave one.” (T1L1) Or, “Find it, keep it. Or re-hide it.”rocks

These are hidden and found in such a variety of places. Wal-mart, any local parks, Even doctor offices. Wherever people go. Usually, the basic instructions can be found on the back with a Facebook page. People do a variety of things in response. They often will take a picture on their phone of it in the place they found it, then post the picture on the Facebook page. Some that I have posted I got a response from the person who hid it. Then go out and find a place to re-hide it. It should be hidden well or in fairly plain sight. Then you can take another pic and post it in it’s new hiding place. Or not at all.

When this began for us, I first thought of the passage that King Solomon wrote in Proverbs:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter
And the glory of a king to search a matter out.” (25:2)

We naturally love to solve mysteries. It’s in our DNA. It’s the hunt to know more. To understand better. To not only get the reward that may come, but to be the one who discovers the truth. The mystery solver.

Go out and find those rocks! Search for a local Facebook page that promotes it. If there isn’t one, start one. Get it going. You and your family will love it. And, in the mean time, without them even realizing it, your family will find a common thing and enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors. Who knows, you might foster something in your child that will turn them into some “Indiana Jones” kind of archaeologist!