The Kingdom of God I

The written word has many, many uses. On this blog, we mostly focus on the Love of God. That particular subject comes in many forms. One of them being teaching. Now I do not propose to be any kind of great teacher, and, usually, if I am teaching anything it is because God is teaching me something and I am simply passing it along. That, ultimately, is what the Crazy Amazing Love Books are based upon. It is also one of the reasons I do not charge for the books. Which, incidentally, the first manuscript for 31 Pieces of Joy is almost completed.

One of the great subjects of Christianity is the “Kingdom of God.” I felt led to explore this subject and realized it would likely take a number of blogs to do so. This is not he beginning of a book, so the coverage will be kind of brief. At least that is the plan for now.

The first place in scripture (NKJV) where we find the exact phrase “Kingdom of God” is in Matthew 6:33:

“But seek the Kingdom of God first and all these things will be added to you.”

The New Testament is the only Testament it is used as such. There are Old Testament references that we will likely get to eventually.

The concept of a “kingdom”, however, did not show up suddenly. In the Old Testament (OT), a kingdom was a very prevalent thing. Very common. It was not too much different than what we see as a kingdom now. Of course, the Children of Israel had one themselves. The people told the Judge/Prophet Samuel they wanted to be like other countries and have a king. So, God granted their request by placing Saul as their first king. Something they eventually regretted.

But we are trying to focus here on what the Kingdom of God is. A kingdom consists of many people in leadership. The proverbial buck stopping at the throne. The Kingdom of God is no different. God/Jesus sits upon the Throne and many layers of authority fall out from there. Yes, we are all the same in God’s eyes. But He does indeed place people in authority over us within the Kingdom. And we are foolish to assume otherwise.

As we go into this vast subject, we will explore a lot of areas. We’ll discuss how the Kingdom is, and has been around for a long time. How that it was declared to exist during the time of Christ and how it is even more so here now, and how we are and are not, a part of it.

The Kingdom has principles, methods, ways, mentalities, and structures. Kingdom members think differently. The King reigns supreme. Yet, He personally knows all of His subjects. Of course, that’s not what He calls us!

While we will explore many of the parallels to a physical kingdom, we will also gain understanding of the parts of God’s Kingdom that is not like the kingdoms here on Earth.

Okay? No guarantees on when these lesson/blogs will post. But this will be fun and enlightening!


I Want More?

The world is dying to hear from someone who is saying, “I want more.”

There is much on my mind tonight and I am literally compelled to write. This is not how I usually blog, but I have been feeling a strong tug from God to say a few things that don’t necessarily fit into my regular pattern. This is from a heart that yearns for something more than just church.

There is more. The world is a mess. Some of that is because we became satisfied.

God made us in His image. The Bible does not fully explain that, but keeping in mind what the “image” of God is like, we can draw some pretty clear conclusions. He. Is. Supernatural (among His many attributes). So, that implies (strongly) that we are as well.

Tell a supernatural being that they are to be satisfied with 3 hymns, the offering, and a 30 minute sermon on how to live a life of fluff, and they will become board and uninterested very quickly.

We are not meant to have a boring service. We are supernatural creatures.

It is why when we get plugged into a little bit of “real” God we get zapped. We suddenly discover we like what we are feeling. Then we go about just surviving spiritually. We get depressed and find that religion has no real attraction for us. Then we find more satisfaction in a second rate TV show that no one in their right mind would watch. Our minds become slaves to the rhetoric, and, suddenly, that is the highlight of our Sunday. God simply sits in the corner trying to tell us that He has more. Much more.

We must surround ourselves with Him. If you are not hungry, then you need to seek Him. Unlike the needs of our flesh, the spiritual needs are the more you eat, the hungrier you get.

This cannot be a thing that we tell ourselves we need more input from church. True, church should be something that impacts us like nothing else, but we aren’t there 24/7. This must be a conscious choice. “I want more.”

The world is dying to hear from someone who is saying, “I want more.”


Dr. Billy Graham

“I don’t need a successor, only willing hands to accept the torch for a new generation.” Maybe we just need to grab that torch with a nod and take off?

There are few people in our modern times that has impacted the world like this man did. That’s sad, but true. I mean, we are so concerned with the Hawkings, the Lucas’, the Spielbergs, the politicians, the athletes. And anyone that does not tell us we have to change. Pastor Graham was straight forward. Always.

He was profiled many years ago by Time Magazine. Back then they weren’t so driven bytime an “expose” and were straight up trying to get a sense of who he was. This was at least 20 years back. He was on their cover four times: October 25, 1954, November 15, 1993, May 13, 1996, and August 9, 2007. And, likely, here again soon. But he was asked by them, I believe, in the 1993 story, “What keeps you from having a scandal like so many other televangelists?” His response was amazing. He said, “I ask God every day, “Take me from this earth before I taint you reputation.””

He was legitimate. He was just a man. Flesh and blood head to toe. But, he was legitimate in his love for God and his love for his fellow human being. A the time of that interview, he had a salary of $35,000 per year. While being the head of an organization that dealt in millions. He wasn’t interested in becoming profitable. Except for the Kingdom.

It’s great to quote a man of such enormous accomplishments. He has rubbed elbows with some most famous people in history. Presidents. Musicians. Actors. And more. He also rubbed elbows with the common. Although, he never saw them as common. He saw them as God does. Important enough to give His Son for.

His pastor was a man of non-descript. No one has heard of him. It’s okay, it may not seem that important to us. After all, he’s not Billy Graham. But a ministry that led hundreds of thousands (maybe more, no one really knows) to God was started by the unknown man that led Billy to Jesus.

Dr. Bill Graham spoke in person to over 2.5 million people in his life. Countless millions more over TV and radio. And more as his messages are repeated daily in all kinds of formats. And in all countries. His impact is great and beyond a total, real calculation. The greatest loss for America (indeed, the world) in the last decade. Maybe the last century. Would he agree? He said this: “Someday, you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.” He was planning and waiting for this day.

I don’t believe he was anything less than gracious and loving. To anyone who came his way. From here we will hear story after story of how he impacted people. He was indeed a general in God’s Army. But he came up through the ranks. For certain.

Of all the great things the man did for God and for the Kingdom- And for mankind-His desire to pass what he had along was the greatest. He had the good news. He loved God and the rest got in line from there.

I leave you with this that Billy said: “I don’t need a successor, only willing hands to accept the torch for a new generation.” Maybe we just need to grab that torch with a nod and take off?


Plans & Timing

God has a plan for you. In case you haven’t had that preached at you or seen one million memes with it just yet. It is true, though. And, yeah, sometimes I think all of us would love it if He simply explained it to us. But that takes us out of the picture of being a part of the plan. He truly desires us to be involved in that plan, not just it being some kind of compass for us. There are many pit stops along the way that lead us to be able to fit that plan. To make it ours. So a simple diagram or blueprint handed to us doesn’t do the trick.

As you know, I am a writer. Not just here in my blog, but I write in many other forms. Specifically, books. Granted, I currently only have one book in print. If you are the least bit curious, click here. This one book is the first in a series based upon this blog. I have no idea where the books will go. I only know God has told me to write them, so I write them. This series, Crazy Amazing Love, is free. If you get it through me, you won’t even pay shipping. If you buy it through Amazon, you will have to pay the minimum price. Which is currently $8.35 plus shipping.

God has granted me several more books. Two of which are done and are in editing phase. Three are in the writing process. Including the second in the Crazy Amazing Love series. Click here for more info about all five books.

I tell you all this to say that God has a plan for each of us, but His time frame may not be what we think it should be. Often it would be faster and clearer if we were more inclined to follow Him harder and more determined. Many struggles I had with sin throughout my life slowed the process down. I’m 52 now and just had my first book published last September. Could that have happened sooner? Sure, had I been more focused on God and less on me. But I cannot change that now.

If you are having difficulty getting or understanding God’s plan for you, first, don’t stress. It’s there. It’s amazing. It’s happening. Keep your focus on Him. It could be anything. But it’s His design, his plan, and His timing. And, second, stay on Him.

By the way, if you are interested to know more about where we are with the new books, click here and learn more. Blessings!


Just A Quick Note

Hi everyone. This is faster than trying to email everyone.

As I put out in the last blog, Crazy Amazing Love: 31 Pieces of Love is available for free. Even no shipping costs within the US. I also wanted to announce that Crazy Amazing Love volume 2 is on the slate to be released around the 1st of June. This will also be free. But, again, only if you get it from me. Amazon will charge you cost plus shipping.

If you want a copy of either, you can order volume one, 31 Pieces of Love and it will be available here in a couple weeks (Second Edition slows it all down a bit). You can also get on the pre-order list for 31 Pieces of Joy and when it is ready, I will ship you one.

Thanks and God bless ya!


A Proper Handout

This is about people coming to see God’s love for them. Not me getting rich. So, it is now free. 100% free.

So, God has been dealing with me. I have been asking that He would bless the Crazy2ndEditionFrontCover Amazing Love book and touch lives with it. Then He kind of asked me, “Then why are you trying to profit from it?” Wow! That was hard to face.

He made some promises to take care of me. So, I said okay. This is about people coming to see God’s love for them. Not me getting rich. So, it is now free. 100% free. But, only if you ask for it directly from me.

I publish through Create Space. It is a great way to self publish. But it is an Amazon company and Amazon must make a profit. Which is just fine. So, if you purchase through them, you will pay the minimum price. It’s $8.49 plus shipping (Kindle $.99). Their system is so rigid I am forced to make a royalty of about $1.50. No choice there. However, if you ask for a copy from me, I will send it to you 100% free. No cost, no shipping. No strings attached either.

Contact me though here on the blog or on my Facebook page here.

I pray God will bless you through this book. To increase your understanding of His love!

I would like to add something. Very important. This is what God is leading me to do. I in no way am saying that any other author should follow suit. He leads us each as He designs. And the worker is worth his wages (1 Timothy 5:18).

As you may know, I write a number of different types of books. Those that are God’s teaching, the Crazy Amazing Love Series, will be, from now on, free as long as it is asked for from me directly. The others will be charged the going rate. Just giving you a “full disclosure.”

God provides!


P.S. You might have noticed the new cover. This is officially a “Second Edition.” The cover is done by Morgan Rex (Carpet Art – Yes, Carpet!). He is likely the most talented artist I know personally. And we have a new forward by “Doctor” Christian Cleghorn of Hope Discipleship Training Center in Jacksboro, TX.

A Day To Remember

You want to impact the world like he did, follow the One he followed.

615full-martin-luther-kingToday is Monday, January 15th, 2017. Today, you have the opportunity to make an impact on the world around you. The people you know. The work place. The neighbors. Your family. And more. The strangers in the store. The guys at the gas station. The people delivering your mail. You have the chance to make their day better. Maybe their life.

One of the greatest men to ever be called American in the last 100 years was Martin Luther King Jr. He wasn’t a politician. He wasn’t just some preacher. He was in love with Americans. Black, white, yellow, red… Purple! He was in love with freedom. He was in love with Jesus.

“I have to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

And, appropriately, we celebrate his life today. Appropriately, it is a National Holiday. As much a holiday as Washington or Lincolns birthdays. But, I think if he were alive, he might want us to remember something.

We put men like him on a pedestal. Especially after they have died. But to truly learn from these men who have done so much, we must take their example and pass it along.

“Free at last. Free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last!”

You don’t need to lead a country to make a difference. You don’t have to have a podium in front of the Lincoln Memorial to be gracious and loving. You don’t need the attention of millions of people or have a holiday named for you.

Mr. King was never looking for that. He was never looking to become an icon that millions would idolize. He was real. He was legitimate. He was average Joe who decided what was happening was not okay. He was you and I.

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Hollywood and DC want you to think you have to be like them to make a difference in your world. The truth is, you have to be you. You have to be the person God designed you to be. I believe that more than anything about Mr. King. You want to impact the world like he did, follow the One he followed.

“I have a dream…”